Think Water National Support Office

Our People, Our Values.

At Think Water National Support Office (NSO) we believe our people are the core to our success. We value team growth and evolution. We support our franchise members and each other through collaboration and innovation with empathy and respect.

The Think Water National Support Office staff are based in various locations. Chris, Liesle, Patrick, Geoff, Jean, and John are Queensland-based. Andrew is based in Victoria and Digby in Auckland, New Zealand. The Cebu, Philippines team consists of Jeff, Maribeth, and Jai.

Chris Rehm

Managing Director
Phone: +61 417 427 980

Liesle Corns

Company Secretary, Business and HR Manager (Australia and New Zealand)
Phone: +61 410 841 176
Email: liesle.corns@thinkwater.com.au

Geoff Harvey

Operations Manager – Australia
Phone: +61 418 888 876
Email: Geoff.harvey@thinkwater.com.au

Digby Seales

Operations Manager – New Zealand
Phone: +64 21 557 686
Email: digby.seales@thinkwater.co.nz

Andrew Rathjen

Operations Manager – Australia
Phone: +61 0408 036 785
Email: andrew.rathjen@thinkwater.com.au

Patrick Mulcahy

Head of Network Development
Phone: +61 477 995 378
E: patrick.Mulcahy@thinkwater.com.au

John McDougall

Marketing & AI Manager
Phone: +61 0429 682 857
Email: marketing@thinkwater.com.au

Jeff Miaga

Finance Manager
Phone: +61 7 3209 9400
Email: accounts@thinkwater.com.au

Maribeth Dapiton

H2Go IT Support
Phone: +61 7 3209 9400
Email: h2gosupport@thinkwater.com.au

Jean van der Watt

Business Support
Phone:  (07) 3209 9400
Email: admin@thinkwater.com.au

Jai Impas

Marketing Support
Phone: +61 7 3209 9400
Email: marketingsupport@thinkwater.com.au