Irrigation Services

Irrigation Systems

We specialise in system design, installation, and maintenance of irrigation systems and reticulation systems.

Pump Services, Repairs & Sales

Pump Systems

We specialise in system design, supply, installation and maintenance of innovative and efficient pumping systems.

Filtration & Water Treatment Services

Filtration & Water Treatment

Do you really know what is in your water? Whether you are drinking it, watering the plants or using it in a coffee machine, what’s in your water matters.

Fittings, valves, pipe & hose

Hose, Fittings, Valves & Pipes

When it comes to hose, fittings, valves and pipes, Think Water is your local expert and supplier. From garden hose to hydraulic hose or a simple sprinkler valve we have a complete range instore.

Water Harvesting Services

Rainwater Harvesting & Storage

Water is our most precious resource. Drought and the need for water restrictions increase every year as does the cost of everyday water usage. Rainwater harvesting and storing is a great way to save money and reduce the effect of water restrictions.

Pond & Water Feature Services

Dams, Ponds & Water Features

Whether you are looking for a serene fountain, water feature or garden pond or needing to aerate your dam for better water quality Think Water stores have the products and capability to assist you.

Pool & Spa Equipment & Chemicals

We utilise Liqua Water Analysis software to take the guesswork out of water testing. Bring a sample of your pool water to 217 Great South Road, Greenlane, for a free, while you wait, computerised test and report. 


Did you know? We also provide landscaping services throughout Auckland and surrounding areas!
Give us a call to arrange a quote.

Plumbing &
Gas Fitting

Our qualified plumbers and gas fitters can help you with your next project. Contact us today to learn more. We service Auckland and surrounding areas.

Think Water Auckland offer services in the irrigation, pumping, water treatment and filtration sectors. We pride ourselves on customer service and deliver informed product selection and efficient, innovative and effective design solutions, not just products.

We service clients including rural and suburban residential, commercial and industrial businesses, local councils, schools and sporting associations and the local livestock and produce farming community.

Our team are backed by a selection of elite Preferred Suppliers providing up-to-date product information and on-going factory training. We stock the best products from the best brands.

We value the delivery of our services and our staff are trained accordingly. We maintain membership with industry body Irrigation New Zealand and are proud members of the Think Water network. Understanding the ins and outs of our industry is what we do best and we pass that knowledge on to our customers.

Filtration and Water Treatment Services

We offer water quality testing services and the solutions around making your water suitable for the desired application. We have the experience and knowledge to design a filtration system, supply the correct parts, install it and provide on-going scheduled maintenance. No job is too big or too small, whether your needs are industrial, commercial, agricultural or residential we have the solution.


Our showroom stocks a great selection of new pumps suitable for household or industrial application. With brands such as Grundfos and Davey, we have the solution you need. Our staff are fully qualified to service your existing pump or design and install a new system that meets your requirements.

Irrigation Design & Installation Services

We know how it feels to see your beautiful garden die because you go on holiday and couldn’t find someone to water it. We understand how much time is invested in building and growing a beautiful garden and what happens when you don’t have that time to give. We design and install water-efficient and cost-effective irrigation and controller systems to save your plants and time. Visit us today to learn how we can assist you in keeping your garden green.

Irrigation Repair & Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance to your irrigation system keeps the water flowing when and where it should be. With years of hands-on experience, you can rest assured that we’ll be at your place as soon as possible to fix any blockages or breakages parts fast. Think Water Auckland has a comprehensive scheduled maintenance service, please contact us today to arrange a time for your service.

Rainwater Harvesting

Can you believe that you and your family drink only 3% of the water that enters your home? The rest is flushed or washed away even though you’ve paid good money for it! With a rainwater harvesting system, you can optimise your water usage and save money on your water bill. Contact Think Water Auckland today to arrange system design and installation.

Pool and Spa Services

We utilise Liqua Water Analysis software to take the guesswork out of water testing. Bring a sample of your pool water to 217 Great South Road, Greenlane, for a free, while you wait, computerised test and report. Our friendly in-store team will guide you through the results and recommend the best course of action to get your pool water looking good and safe to swim in.

We stock a comprehensive range of filters, pumps, chemicals and cleaners, visit Think Water Auckland today to find out how we can assist you in keeping your pool or spa sparkling and clean.

Water Feature and Garden Pond Services

Water features, fountains, ponds, water cascades and waterfalls are an easy way to liven up a garden area. They’re relatively easy to install and provide the soothing relaxing sound of moving water. Think Water Auckland stocks water pumps and filtration units to bring any sized water feature life. Our team are highly qualified to install or troubleshoot your feature.