Benefits of Using a Smart Lawn Irrigation System in New Zealand

Smart Controller for irrigation systems New Zealand
Hunter HC Hydrawise Smart Controller available through ThinkWater

So many people want a lawn that is the envy of their neighbours. Yet so many don’t have the time,  patience, or commitment to create it. If you want to have the best residential lawn in the street,  then you need the best lawn irrigation systems in New Zealand.

The best lawn irrigation systems are smart lawn irrigation systems. They include sensors and timers that monitor moisture levels, temperature, rainfall, and water flow. The smart system then adjusts the amount of water applied to your lawn to suit the environment. The range of options available means a specialist consultant can create a perfect irrigation system design for your New Zealand lawn.

A well-designed lawn irrigation system has a lot of benefits that will pay dividends for many years.

More Efficient Water Usage

If you’re still watering your lawn with the garden hose or static sprinkler, then you are living in the past. A smart irrigation system with moisture level sensors or rainfall sensors completely transforms how you water your New Zealand lawn.

The addition of smart sensors to your NZ lawn irrigation allows the system to increase or decrease the water delivered to your lawn, therefore reducing or preventing watering when it’s not needed  – – such as when it is raining or when the temperature drops below freezing. Equally, the irrigation system can increase or deliver a full load of water during dry spells.

Providing the right amount of water at the right time reduces water wastage and protects the lawn from getting damaged.

Even Watering

A well designed smart lawn irrigation system will ensure equal watering across the whole lawn. By considering any topography or shaded areas, soil moisture sensors ensure an even amount of water is delivered across your lawn as it is needed. The precision watering provided by a smart lawn irrigation system is simply not achievable by hand watering.

Prevents over and under watering

Your lawn needs the right amount of water at the right time to stay lush, green and growing strong.  A smart lawn irrigation system that includes a rainfall sensor, prevents overwatering during periods when it is raining and wet or under-watering during long periods of no rain.

Convenient and Timesaving

While you may enjoy watering your lawn it isn’t always possible to do it every day. Missing a day or even longer could damage your lawn during key growth periods or on particularly warm days.

Smart lawn irrigation systems make sense in New Zealand if for no other reason than the time-saving benefit. Keeping a lawn pristine can be a time-consuming endeavour. A well-designed lawn irrigation system does away with the daily task of watering and makes lawn maintenance a little easier.

Set and Forget

The right smart lawn irrigation system design should make lawn maintenance much simpler and easier. The goal should be to make the system as set and forget as possible. Smart Lawn irrigation systems are fully automated allowing you to go away for work or holidays knowing that your lawn will remain perfectly watered.

If you’re installing a new system or upgrading an existing one then you should make sure that your smart lawn irrigation system is well designed, automated, and requires very little intervention from anyone.

ThinkWater is a leading provider of smart lawn irrigation system design and installation in NZ. By incorporating a range of smart sensors the irrigation system will have a level of awareness about the condition of your lawn that is not achievable by other means. Our expert team of consultants will create an irrigation system that saves time, water, money, and hassle. Contact ThinkWater today and move beyond the days of manually watering your lawn.