Components for Managing Your Water on the Road

Are you embarking on a journey and uncertain about how to enhance your on-the-road water systems? At Think Water, we specialize in designing, supplying, installing, and servicing smart irrigation systems, and we’re here to guide you through upgrading your water management for your next trip. In this blog, we’ll delve into essential components that might not have crossed your mind, shedding light on products that can make a significant difference in ensuring you hit the road with a seamlessly managed water system.

  1. Smart Water Controllers

Incorporate smart water controllers into your travel setup to automate and optimize water usage. These controllers can be programmed and monitored remotely, ensuring efficient water management during your journey.

2. Filtration for Drinking Water

The Puretec CR20 Series Inline Filtration Systems are designed for easy connection to click-on garden hose fittings, which are commonly found in most locations. These inline systems come in dual-action filtration options, boasting a substantial contaminant removal capacity, or the silver plus series cartridge, which effectively eliminates taste, odors, and chemicals, and inhibits bacterial growth.

Additionally, incorporating water treatment in your water tank, such as Puretec TankSafe, alongside the inline filtration system, ensures an extra layer of assurance that your water is safe for direct consumption from your kitchen faucet.

Ensuring the safety of you and your family during travels is paramount. It is crucial to have a separate hose for drinking water that meets food-grade standards. Unlike a standard garden hose, a drinking water hose will not contaminate your water. Our 12mm Drinking Hose is available for purchase, either by the meter or in 20m coils, providing a reliable solution for safe water consumption on the go.

3. Flexible Hose Systems

Invest in flexible hose systems for easy and convenient water distribution. These hoses are lightweight, durable, and designed for efficient water flow, making them ideal for on-the-go applications.

4. Water Storage Solutions

Optimize your water-carrying capacity with smart storage solutions. Portable water containers and collapsible tanks can help you carry an ample water supply while maximizing space efficiency.

5. Weather-Resistant Irrigation Components

Ensure your water distribution system can withstand various weather conditions. Weather-resistant irrigation components, such as durable hoses and connectors, are crucial for reliable performance on the road.

6. Efficient Water Pumps

Incorporate efficient water pumps into your setup to ensure a consistent and reliable water supply. Whether drawing water from a portable tank or another source, a reliable pump is essential for a well-managed water system.

7. Leak Detection Systems

Guard against water wastage with leak detection systems. These smart devices can identify and alert you to any leaks in your water system, helping you conserve water and avoid unnecessary expenses.

8. Compact Water Testing Kits

Stay informed about water quality on the go with compact water testing kits. These kits can assess the safety of the water you encounter during your travels, providing peace of mind regarding its suitability for various purposes. or you can Talk to our team at Think Water about water testing, filtration, and purification!

Upgrading your water systems for your next adventure involves careful consideration of essential components.

At Think Water, we’re committed to assisting you in this journey by offering innovative solutions designed to make your on-the-road water management efficient, reliable, and hassle-free.

Explore the possibilities, and embark on your travels with confidence, knowing that your water needs are expertly managed every step of the way.