Davey Expands into Medical Grade Water Treatment Solutions

Davey Medical Grade Water Treatment

Davey is developing a reputation as the go-to professionals for medical-grade water treatment systems in New Zealand – with help from Think Water Pukekohe.

The Think Water Pukekohe Team
The Think Water Pukekohe team have been involved in building around 90% of the medical-grade water systems for Davey.

The team’s ability to design comprehensive, tailored solutions to suit each individual application at a competitive price, plus the fact the plants are built entirely off-site on portable trolleys means they arrive to the customer pre-plumbed and ready for installation. Davey Master Dealer Think Water Pukekohe are an important part of this process with Davey relying on them for their specialised skills and equipment to help build the systems.

Bruce Chave, General Manager at Davey NZ says customer feedback proves after-sales service and support through collaboration with Think Water is providing quality outcomes.

Davey Medical Grade Water Treatment System

“We are providing a complete solution and we’re giving the customer peace of mind. We are offering a premium package and we really add value to the customer in terms of service and support utilising Davey’s expertise,” he says.

“We see the medical market as being a niche growth area for us, bespoke solutions that require a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and compliance requirements.”

Case Study 1: CR Kennedy

The requirement: When CR Kennedy acquired Mercer Medical in 2015 they found themselves with an inventory of autoclaves and sterilising units which required medical grade water to the new AS NZS 4178 standard.

The Davey solution: A system which treats 3,808 litres of reverse osmosis water services six washing and sterilising machines with expected peak use of 12 cycles per day.

“Meeting these standards is critical and if the water used isn’t of a certain standard then there is a high risk of damaging the equipment,” says Darryl Ingham from Davey.

“Giving the customer peace of mind that this aspect is taken care of has helped CR Kennedy deliver their products to the end user.”

“It takes pressure off us. We realise what needs to be achieved but we’re not water experts, so we’ve brought the water experts in,” says Scott Robinson,

Service Manager at CR Kennedy. “We need can-do people. There’s a lot of work to be done and there’s a lot of scope for things to go wrong. We need partners like Davey, so when things go wrong, which they do, we have faith we can get them on the phone and it is sorted very quickly and efficiently.”

Case Study 2: Victoria University

The requirement: Students working in brand new laboratories required a controlled water supply for experiments and required off-site water quality monitoring without manual sampling.

The Davey solution: Four water treatment plants and two pump units with offsite monitoring. The system included carbon filters for de-chlorination, water softeners to remove hardness, reverse osmosis to remove most of the salts, mixed bed deionisation resin for more intensive polishing and deionisation, and UV disinfection with 0.2-micron filtration on the end of the treatment for endotoxins.

The Rosemount 1056 Analyzer dual input conductivity meters measured readings before and after the reverse osmosis systems. Similar analysers read resistivity after the mixed bed resin de-ionizing tanks and the 0.2 filtration on the ring main. Both UV units come with comms centres for data-logging and trouble-shooting.

“Other companies were only supplying equipment and didn’t have the scope to put it all together, whereas we could put all this equipment on a trolley, plumbed, tested and ready to go, a plug and play solution. Because we were able to offer a complete solution we secured the job,” says Darryl.