Custom ERP Software: Exclusive to Think Water Franchise Group

H2Go - Franchise System Support Software at Think Water

When it comes to Franchise support systems, Think Water offers more bang for your buck. Think Water continues to invest in the development of support systems available to their Members. One of these systems is a custom-built Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software known as H2Go.

H2Go is celebrating the two-year milestone of its first introduction into the Think Water Franchise Group. The software was initially trailed by the Whitsunday and Northern Rivers Members who took on the massive challenge of implementing the platform into their business. Both were confident in attacking this massive undertaking and as a result, two years down the track have a very strong handle on their business.

Think Water Franchise Support Systems Software H2Go

To say the software hasn’t had its challenges and caused some sleepless nights for all involved would be an understatement. In fact, when introducing any new software into a business it needs to be understood that this causes major change, upheaval and uncertainty.

One key learning from our Members is that it’s vital that you take an active interest in the implementation and continual use of the software to ensure a successful integration.

We now have approximately 20% of the group using H2Go, with a further 4-5 Members looking to implement this into their business before the end of the financial year. From a high level, the software covers all areas of the business including, but not limited to, inventory management in your showroom, on projects, in warehouses and mobile vehicles.

Users can assign work to mobile service technicians and give them the ability to upload images of jobs and OHS documents on the road.

It’s fair to say that the basic software shell that we started out with has greatly evolved into what it is today. In fact, Think Water Members are heavily involved with the developers in shaping the software into the cutting edge platform it is.

When it comes to software for our franchise support systems we have a continuous improvement mindset and are making regular updates and changes to make our Member’s lives easier. This year the NSO in conjunction with our software developers has scripted up and introduced a new pricing control matrix that reduces time spent on controlling and managing your margins.

We have also introduced pre-set / designed reporting on “hot key” functionality for each part of the business such as retail, warehouse, sales, management, inventory and back of office. This was designed to show users knew which parts of their business they should be measuring and how often, because if you are unable to measure it, how do you assess the performance of individuals and the business?

As part of the continuous improvement journey, we are currently in the process of introducing a new consumer alert function to enable automatic customer alerts via SMS or email for upcoming jobs.

These are a few of the improvements that are being implemented at the request of our Members via our fortnightly Members forum. Think Water Members are active in the development of H2Go

If you are looking to take your water management or irrigation business to new heights this year talk to the team at Think Water NSO about joining our franchise group.