Free Water Testing at Central Districts Field Day

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Free water testing at Central Districts Field Day

Bring us a water sample!

Water is Life! And that is why Think Water along with Davey Water Products is offering free water testing at Central Districts Field Day. We are committed to providing the very best solutions, support, and advice in meeting your expectations when it comes to water quality and ensuring that the water you use meets the need and standards of your application.

Joining Think Water at the Central Districts Field Day will be an Acqua by Davey specialist to talk about water quality in relation to farm water security, farm water risks, and animal health. They will also be able to conduct basic water tests for any samples brought to the site providing a water quality profile and identifying elements that are important for consideration for the modern agricultural business.

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How to collect a sample for Water testing

For initial water samples please purchase a 250ml spring water bottle, empty out the water in the bottle and fill the it with the water you would like tested as per the below instructions. 

Tap Water

Water From a tap

1. Choose a frequently used tap.

2. Clean the tap and remove any existing filters

3. Allow the tap to run for 2-3 minutes before collecting a sample in a sealable sterile glass jar.

Bore Pump Water

Ground water

1. Operate the pump to flush out stagnant water from the pipe. Operation time to flush our stagnant water will depend on the depth of the bore and diameter of the pipe.

Do not sample water from a newly drilled bore/well unless the facility has been in operation for more than 48 hours.

2. Collect the sample from the tap on the discharge side of the pump using a sealable sterile glass jar. 

Dam Water

Surface water

1. Consider the location and depth of the water. Water collected from the bank of a river/creek/dam may not produce accurate test results.

2. Sample water should be taken from upstream of your boat or vessel. 

3. Collect the sample in a sealable sterile glass jar with the opening facing upstream roughly half a meter below the surface.

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