Karcher EASYForce – The Ergonomic

Karcher EASYForce

Zero Force. Full Power.

When it comes to cleaning tasks on the farm, in the commercial or public sector, high-pressure cleaners are one of the most frequently used machines. These versatile machines remove virtually all types of dirt. However, an important prerequisite for efficient use is that the technology and handling allow fatigue-free working. Introducing the Karcher EasyForce pressure washer trigger gun. Based on comprehensive market analysis by Kärcher, the global market leader for cleaning technology, has showed that the trigger gun still has potential for improvement as an accessory – particularly from an ergonomic point of view.

Karcher EASYForce pressure washer trigger gun

With the new EASYForce pressure washer trigger gun, you need zero holding force. Karcher EASYForce is an innovative and patented trigger system engineered, designed and made in Germany by Karcher. Combined with the advanced EASY!Lock, setup times are dramatically reduced: It is five times faster than traditional thread systems as it combines the advantages of a quick coupling and the benefits of a thread (reliability, security, and stability). You have all your attachments connected by a single 360-degree turn.

Karcher EASYForce Trigger Gun and Accessories

A question of ergonomics

In commercial applications especially, working with high-pressure cleaners is physically demanding. That is why ergonomics are important. Constantly holding the trigger of conventional pressure washer trigger guns soon leads to tiredness, painful hands and a cramped working posture. Extensive cleaning is difficult without taking frequent breaks or even changing operators. Our EASYForce technology changes this once and for all. It has never been so easy to clean with high pressure.

Intuitive for safe working

The trigger safety of the new Karcher EASYForce trigger gun prevents unintentional operation and offers maximum safety during use. You only need to press the trigger once to release the high-pressure jet. The EASYForce trigger gun remains open as long as the trigger is pressed. When you release the trigger, the trigger gun immediately switches off. Suitable for many areas of application, including vehicles, machinery and tools, outdoor areas and all other typical high-pressure.