Large scale irrigation systems for Sporting Venues in New Zealand

What many people do not realise is that Think Water specialises in large scale sporting irrigation systems in New Zealand, from irrigation system design at the concept stage to irrigation system installation and ongoing maintenance of the irrigation system. Typically the irrigation systems are installed in the larger cities like Auckland and include a sprinkler system, water pumping system and an irrigation control system which is either manually operated or more commonly includes irrigation controllers with full automation and remote control access.

The types of sporting applications we service around Auckland and other parts of New Zealand include golf courses, racetracks, horse arenas, sporting fields, parks and gardens. Many of these projects involve the design and installation of completely new irrigation and sprinkler systems, including the design and installation of a water pumping solution. Typically, Think Water is asked to upgrade an existing irrigation system. The reasons behind these irrigation system upgrades are varied. Often the system is just so old it has developed breakages and leaks or the water pumps are inefficient for the water source. The need to replace the irrigation system usually comes about following numerous leaks and downtime, creating frustration for the grounds person and sub-par facilities for the public. Eventually, it becomes apparent that it is more efficient to replace the entire irrigation and sprinkler system.

Proper planning and design are essential when embarking on an upgrade or a new irrigation system in New Zealand. The site needs to be inspected and often surveyed. For new projects, collaboration with the project manager is extremely important to ensure the success of the project. This also follows for irrigation system upgrades. Think Water understands that timelines are very important in large scale projects and delivering the irrigation system on time is of paramount importance. For existing facilities where an upgrade is planned, Think Water understands that it is important not to disrupt the normal functioning of the facility and where possible allow the clientele normal access. For this reason, large scale irrigation systems are often upgraded in stages to allow for the normal course of business.

All of this takes a great deal of planning based on years of experience, extensive product knowledge and a great team or network to pull it all together. Our network of stores at Think Water in New Zealand can deliver on all of these aspects and get a great deal of satisfaction in bringing your ideas to fruition.

Think Water is a trusted supplier of all of the components needed for an irrigation system, whether it be for a sporting ground, horse arena or other rural and domestic application. We supply a range of water pumps right throughout New Zealand, extending out from Auckland in the North Island of New Zealand and the Canterbury region in the south of New Zealand.

We currently have over 20 stores located right throughout New Zealand, all of which are trusted suppliers of water pumps, sprinkler systems and irrigation systems.

If you are planning an irrigation system upgrade to your sporting facility, or perhaps even a completely new irrigation system, talk to our experienced Team at Think Water about your project and how we can help you deliver it efficiently and on time.

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