Irrigation Systems

We specialise in system design, installation, and maintenance of irrigation systems and reticulation systems.

Pump Systems

We specialise in system design, supply, installation and maintenance of innovative and efficient pumping systems.

Fire Fighting Equipment

The threat from a fire can strike at any time, particularly in regional areas during summer. Preparation and the correct fire fighting equipment are a key factor in protecting your assets and loved ones.

Hose, Fittings, Valves & Pipes

When it comes to hose, fittings, valves and pipes, Think Water is your local expert and supplier. From garden hose to hydraulic hose or a simple sprinkler valve we have a complete range instore.

Filtration & Water Treatment

Do you really know what is in your water? Whether you are drinking it, watering the plants or using it in a coffee machine, what’s in your water matters.

Pool & Spa Equipment & Chemicals

Pool & Spa Equipment & Chemicals

Whether you need assistance with chemicals, heating systems, pumping systems or filtering equipment for your pool or spa we are here to help.

Rainwater Harvesting & Storage

Water is our most precious resource. Drought and the need for water restrictions increase every year as does the cost of everyday water usage. Rainwater harvesting and storing is a great way to save money and reduce the effect of water restrictions.

Solar-powered Pump Systems

Think Water designs, supplies, installs and maintains solar pump systems utilising state of the art technology and high quality manufactured products from an elite collection of Preferred Suppliers and manufacturers.

Stock Watering Systems

Stock watering systems are complex water delivery systems involving many components including, water quality, troughs, pumps, solar panels, bore pumps, nutrient injection and filtration.

Think Water Manawatu are your local experts in water management, engineering and fabrication services. We offer custom fabricated solutions for everything irrigation, pumping, filtration and water treatment. We take you through the design, supply and installation of your project and maintain and provide after-sales support on your investment after the job is done. 

Our team are certified and licenced technicians and operate under Site Wise Green safety standards. We maintain regular training and licences in first aid and other qualifications such as dogman, abseil, forklift and dangerous goods handling. Our specialist certifications include Water Meter Installation with Irrigation New Zealand Certified and Aquatic Facility Pool Water Quality and Treatments.

We maintain membership with industry body Irrigation New Zealand and are accredited to work for local business and councils. When additional trades are required we only work with licenced plumbers, electricians and plant operators.

We provide complete water management solutions for a range of different applications, including agricultural, local councils, commercial, landscape and turf, dairy/stock watering, residential and industrial. Our services are scalable to suit any size organisation and are always delivered on time and within budget.

If you have an emergency water management issue we offer an onsite breakdown service. Give us a call and we will come to your property and fix the problem.

Custom Engineering and Fabrication

With our many years of experience, we have discovered that having the ability to fabricate modified structures and parts needed for irrigation, pumping, filtration and water treatment projects means we can work around problems and create custom solutions to suit your individual project.

Pump System Services

We recognise that every application is different, which is why we design, supply and install pump systems that specifically suit your needs with only the most reliable, user-friendly and water-efficient pumps. Our pumping expertise and technology ensure uniform coverage despite changeable conditions. We stock pumping systems that are efficient, tested for reliability and designed to work seamlessly with modern farming operations.

Swimming Pool Construction

Think Water Manawatu are Mayfair Pool Dealers. Any shape, any size, anywhere. From Fibreglass pools, heated pools, inground pools, plunge pools, lap pools, saltwater pools, infinity edge pools, mineral pools, and indoor swimming pools to swimming pool renovations. Our swimming pool builders are specially trained designers, constructors, and fiberglass applicators that create a Mayfair Swimming Pool.

Solar and Bore Pumps

Solar pumps are the perfect cost-effective solution for remote locations and offer sustainability and reliability. When it comes to livestock water supply or off-grid homes you can’t get a more reliable pressure boosting option. We stock a selection of solar pump systems from companies such as Grundfos and offer the services to install and maintain on your property.

Effluent Services

Wastewater treatment is a process involving treating wastewater and returning it to the water cycle with minimal impact on the environment. We provide wastewater solutions suiting your application to treat and dispose of your sewage and effluent properly.

Filtration and Water Treatment Services

The purpose of filtration and treatment is to make sure sourced water is suitable for the end-user. This may involve removal or addition of impurities or treatments like chemicals, sediment, minerals or bacteria to achieve the desired result. We stock a range of systems to suit agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Centre Pivot and Lateral Move Irrigation

Centre pivots irrigate in a circular pattern around a central pivot point whereas lateral move irrigators are not fixed at any point and move up and down rectangular fields. We offer system design, part supply, installation, and scheduled maintenance.

Spray Irrigation

Spray irrigation is a simulation of natural rainfall by means of pressurising water using mechanical and hydraulic devices. It is generally used for agricultural application in particular food production. We stock a wide variety of brands and products and offer maintenance, installation and system design.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is an accurate irrigation solution where water to drip slowly to the plant or crop via a network of valves, pipes, tubing and emitters. The irrigation network can be installed above or below the soil resulting in reduced evaporation. Drip irrigation is the perfect solution for any agriculture application.

Rainwater Harvesting

We have tanks and water storage solutions to suit all applications and stock a range of supporting equipment to make sure your tank water system is optimised for your requirements. Whether you need a small or a large tank we stock the best quality and offer advice on the type of tank needed for your application.

Pool water testing, filtration, pumps and chemicals

Regardless of size achieving pool perfection is a challenge. We offer a full range of chlorinators, pumps, cleaners and filters to help you achieve a sparkling clean swimming pool. We offer pool water testing in-store and stock all the essential chemicals to keep your pool in the best condition.