Pool Balancers

Pool balancers refer to a group of pool chemical solutions designed to specifically maintain the pool’s water at the right levels. This includes maintaining the pool’s PH, chlorine levels and calcium levels. Pool water that is not in balance can encourage algae blooms, allow the spread of bacteria or disease and cause irritation to the swimmer’s skin and eyes.

Focus has 2 products that are designed to increase and maintain your pool’s pH levels. If your pool’s pH level isn’t high enough, then the pool water will begin to damage and break down the surface or lining of your pool. This can cause your pool to leak, or the damaged surface breaks down into your pool’s water further destabilising it. To prevent this from happening consider using the Focus pH Buffer or pH Increase depending on your situation.

Pool Balancers - Pool pH Buffer

Pool pH Buffer

Pool Balancers - Pool pH Increaser

Pool pH Increaser

Another important pool balancer is calcium chloride. Adding calcium chloride to your pool’s water increases the calcium hardness levels. This helps to protect your pool’s equipment and surfaces by maintaining the pool water’s stability and therefore predictability over time. Cal Plus is a high-quality calcium chloride product produced by Focus.

Pool Balancers - Pool Calcium Additive

Pool Calcium Additive

Pool Balancers - Pool Chlorine Stabiliser

Pool Chlorine Stabiliser

Pool balancers are all about maintaining stability and achieving longevity for your pool’s water. Most pools use chlorine as their primary pool cleaner. However, chlorine breaks down under sunlight or specifically UV light which is a problem given most pools are outside. Adding the Protec Chlorine Stabiliser to your pool reduces the rate the chlorine breaks down meaning you need to use less chlorine over time.

Finally, when a pool’s pH rises too high it needs to be brought back down by using an Acid. Pools that become too alkaline do not allow the chlorine to work as needed and contaminants are therefore not removed from the water. Focus offers 3 acid products that can be used for this purpose. Dry Acid, Hydrochloric Acid and phix. Phix is an easy-to-use compressed tablet that is added directly to the skimmer of your pool.

Pool Balancers - Pool Dry Acid

Pool Dry Acid

Pool Balancers - Pool Hytrochloric Acid

Pool Hydrochloric Acid

Pool Balancers - Pool pH Balancer Tablets

Pool pH Balancer Tablet