With more than 80 years of experience in the industry of pump manufacture, Davey Water Products design and manufacture products for water pressure and flow, filtration, and water treatment. Their large residential range has recently been expanded to include pumping, filtration and irrigation solutions for commercial customers.

Recognised Davey brands include Firefighter, Torrium, RainBank, Microlene, Filturepure, Steriflo, Acquasafe, ISOspec, FloodFighter, Silensor, PowerMaster, EcoMatic, ChloroMatic, SpaPower and PoolSweepa. All Think Water stores stock a wide selection of Davey products including water pumps, borehole pumps, firefighter pumps, drainage pumps, UV treatment systems, filtration and pool and spa equipment. Think Water staff have vast knowledge of application and troubleshooting expertise with Davey products.

  • Pool pumps and filters
  • Household water pressure pumps
  • Firefighting pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Rainwater pumps
  • UV filter systems
  • Under bench filtration system
  • Replacement filters

Davey pumps and filters are available from all Think Water stores. Our sales staff are fully qualified to design you a pumping system to suit your needs, supply the parts, install the system or simply service or repair your existing system.