Why Buy A Devan Tank?

Devan have manufacturing and distribution centres located in Tauranga and Christchurch which has the benefit of being able to provide excellent customer service nationwide. With a fleet of ten custom built delivery trucks, Devan delivers nationwide and with the ability to deliver onto the main islands surrounding New Zealand (please NOTE: where a ferry is required, extra charges will apply).

Added Value: Devan Tanks offers a no nonsense 20-year warranty on all our domestic use water tanks. Our tanks are manufactured to the highest standards utilising advanced technology and production procedures along with an intensive quality assurance process. This is NOT a pro rata warranty, if the tank is affected by a manufacturing fault the tank will be either repaired or replaced with a brand-new tank.

Devan Plastic Water Tanks NZ

Devan Tanks are the only large water tank in New Zealand that come with brass moulded in outlets. Having metal outlets allows for easy plumbing significantly reducing the chance of leaking and help reduce cross threading. Better yet, our big tanks come with two of them as standard!

Devan Tanks are manufactured from the highest quality polyethylene which is ideally suited to our moulding technique giving long life and trouble-free service. Polyethylene cannot rot or corrode and is ultra-violet stabilised for New Zealand’s harsh environmental conditions.

The unique Devan space frame provides for maximum strength in the dome of your tank which means it will not pop in when you are installing or servicing your tank nor will snow loading have an effect.

Devan Plastics range of sustainable water tanks – 30KL, 25KL, 15Kl, 10Kl, 5KL, 4Kl, 3.5KL, 2Kl, 1Kl and 600L

stormWATER Solutions


A stormwater detention tank, such as the stormVAULT from our underground stormwater management range or the stormBANKstormPANEL above ground slimline range, these tanks that are intended to remain empty except for during periods of rain. When it rains, the tank collects stormwater and releases it at a rate specified by design into the council stormwater system.

Devan has a tank to suit your property or site no matter where it is located – beach front to hillside. The underground tanks have been designed and evaluated for the majority of soil types and water table conditions in New Zealand and are the thickest, strongest and heaviest product on the market.

Compliance? No worries! Devan stormwater management tanks comply with council requirements, meaning they are an easy, trouble-free solution to managing stormwater on your site or property.

stormVAULT range from 2KL to 10KL         
stormBANK 2KL to 5KL
stormPANEL 1Kl and 2 KL


SEPTIC 3,600L-5,700L 
Pump Chambers 750L -3,600L


Integra Wastewater Treatment Systems have been developed with years of research and development to be the most robust and reliable system in the market. Efficient to run with low annual operating costs and power consumption there is an Integra model to suit any application. This is a highly specialised area, and we encourage you to contact one of our team to discuss your application to ensure you get the right solution.


Put a Devan septic tank in the ground and forget about it. Our poly septic tanks are a great alternative to conventional concrete. Certified to standard, these underground vessels are extremely robust yet lightweight. They can easily be transported and manhandled into position without requiring heavy equipment. They cut back on the installation work and overall costs but lasts just as long– even longer. Plus, they feature common fittings and components making maintenance super easy. Devan septic tanks are a popular choice for both new building constructions and retrofitting to older homes with failed wastewater management. We offer a range of capacities up to 5,700 litres in different packages, including flout dosing tanks. Check out our selection for the best solution to your septic tank needs.


Most sewage systems only rely on gravity to keep things moving. When you find that gravity is not working for you, Devan has a range of pump station options. The pump chambers are used to improve efficiency, overcome the difference in elevation, and provide dosing and pressurised distribution. Devan offers different pump chamber solutions with capacities from 750 litres up to 3,600 litres. All units come with an electrical controller, high-level alarm, overload protection and pump breakdown alert. Made from polyethylene, the most durable tank material in the industry, the chambers are built for practicality and long-lasting performance. Lightweight, they are easily containerised for shipping and requires only a small digger for installation. The maintenance hole is large enough for easy cleaning and inspection access. Add an extra level of efficiency and safety to your septic tank system, browse our pump chamber range!

Learn more about Devan water tanks at www.devan.co.nz

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