Hunter Industries is a family-owned, global company that provides top-quality irrigation and outdoor lighting solutions. Our diverse array of products can be seen everywhere from residential landscapes, stadiums, and national landmarks to theme parks, commercial complexes, and municipal buildings around the world. Whether you’re from New York, Shanghai, Sydney, Paris, or Cairo, the odds are you’ve probably encountered a Hunter product somewhere along the way. 



Built to withstand life in the trenches, Hunter sprinkler bodies are designed to tackle the harshest conditions while providing long-lasting performance you can depend on. 

Slim and durable, PS Ultra Sprinkler Bodies are the ideal choice for tight spaces. Pro-Spray™ Sprinkler Bodies include an exclusive body cap design that prevents leaks even when loosened. 


MP Rotator Nozzles are the most trusted high-efficiency nozzles on the market, offering up to 30% water savings over traditional spray nozzles. To maximize water-use efficiency, choose the Standard MP Rotator Nozzle. With a slow precipitation rate of 10 mm/hr, it’s the perfect solution for eliminating runoff in tight soils and steep slopes. 

For applications with medium-grade soils, gentle slopes, and small spaces, use the 20 mm/hr precipitation rate of the MP Rotator MP800 Nozzle. MP Strip Nozzles are great for irrigating narrow spaces. They match the precipitation rate of Standard MP Rotator or MP800 Nozzles, depending on the layout of the space. 


Hunter sprays nozzles distribute water evenly with a smooth pattern, fight the effects of wind with large water droplets, and minimize overspray with crisp edges. Pro Adjustable Nozzles offer complete coverage for every angle of a landscape with the high accuracy of fixed nozzles. They are reliable, accurate, and fully adjustable to any angle from 0° to 360°.  Bubblers are designed for ultimate reliability to ensure that every plant, shrub, and tree receives the exact amount of water needed to thrive. 


High-quality PGV Valves efficiently distribute water throughout your irrigation system. Reliable and easy to install, they require less maintenance than other brands. Each valve is 100% water-tested and guaranteed to work right out of the box. 


Battery-operated controllers can make irrigation effective and affordable when locations are difficult to access, lack electrical power, or demand cost-prohibitive wire runs. 

The NODE-BT Bluetooth® Battery-Operated Controller lets you water your yard without the need for an electrical connection. Enabled with wireless Bluetooth Technology, it’s easy to operate using your smartphone. 

Keep even the smallest areas watered with the BTT Tap Timer: a Bluetooth-enabled, battery-operated irrigation control solution. With quick installation in seconds to any standard hose-threaded faucet, it can be easily controlled using a smartphone. 


Standard AC controllers are self-contained irrigation systems designed for simple installation and programming. The popular X2™ Controller ensures your plants get the right amount of water at the optimal watering time. 

Add Wi-Fi for remote management and advanced water-saving features using Hunter’s Hydrawise™ Irrigation Management Platform. Simple programming, flexible station expansion, and optional two-wire capabilities make the user-friendly.


The Hydrawise Irrigation Management Platform automatically adjusts watering based on local weather data. Choose from a complete lineup of Hydrawise-enabled controllers to maximize water and money savings in any setting. 


In any well-designed irrigation system, weather sensors are a necessity for preventing watering during unexpected conditions. Clik Sensors allow controllers to sense rapidly changing weather and react to varying conditions like rain, high wind, or freezing temperatures. Advanced Hunter sensors offer the ability to turn any controller into a “smart” controller while ensuring irrigation works in sync with the weather. 


LUXOR Controller 

Low Voltage Lighting control with zoning, dimming, and RGBW color creation capabilities, plus optional Wi-Fi control using Luxor® technology. 

EX Controller 

The EX transformer provides an economical, low-voltage power and control option for LED lighting projects.