Pipemakers have been manufacturing various PVC pipe and conduit products since 1990. The research and development that goes into their products are second to none which is why they are a Think Water Preferred Supplier.

With manufacturing plants in Melbourne and Latoka you can be assured that Pipemakers products meet international standards for the electrical and plumbing industries.

The product range is vast and includes PVC-U, PVC – O and PVC-M pressure, DWV, stormwater, electrical ducts, conduit and fittings to suit industrial and commercial applications. Pipemaker pipes and fittings are available at participating Think Water stores.

DWV Pipe and Fittings

Available in rubber-ring or solvent joint options and a variety of diameters, Pipemakers have solutions for all of your plumbing needs. From junctions to caps and clips their fittings selection is second to none.

Pressure Pipe

Pipemakers have a comprehensive range of pipe sizes with options from 15mm to 100mm diameter available, there’s a pipe to suit all applications and projects.

Electrical Conduit, Fittings and Ducting

Electrical conduit is available in industry standards colours, orange and grey, and a size range including 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 80mm, 100mm and 150mm diameters. Other diameters are available on request.