Rain Harvesting

Rain Harvesting by Blue Mountain Co

by Blue Mountain Co

Rain Harvesting by Blue Mountain Co are specialists in the design and manufacture of rainwater harvesting products. They offer a selection of products to improve the quality of the rainwater you harvest.

Rainwater Harvesting systems can be installed in homes and buildings of all shapes and sizes, from small residences to large commercial buildings. They can be used to supply all your water needs, or leveraged for specific tasks such as toilet flushing or garden watering.

All Think Water stores stock products from Rain Harvesting by Blue Mountain Co. Our Preferred Supplier relationship with them means we have up-to-date product information and support.

  • Maelstrom filters
  • Rain heads
  • First Flush Diverters
  • Wet-Dry Valve
  • Tank Screens and Solar Shields
  • Tank Overflows and Screens
  • Post Tank Filters
  • Monitoring Gauges
  • Rainwater Tank Accessories