We specialise in system design, installation, and maintenance of irrigation systems and reticulation systems. Our Preferred Supplier relationships mean that we use state of the art technology and high-quality products from trusted manufacturers around the globe.

Think Water works with commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural areas to deliver solutions for all applications. No project is too big or small.

All Think Water stores are members of the INZ and regularly keep up to date with the latest innovations in water management. Our Preferred Supplier relationships mean we are the first to know as new products come on the market and learn how they can assist with your needs.

Our staff receives ongoing training from irrigation industry professionals and can design a new system or fix your existing system. We also offer scheduled maintenance services to keep your irrigation systems running efficiently.

Types of irrigation

Availability varies from store to store however if we don’t have what you need our active Member network allows us to order it in or suggest a suitable equivalent.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems

Drip irrigation is an above-ground network of valves, pipes, tubing, and emitters that drips water slowly onto the soil at the base of the plant. This system is broadly used in the agricultural market for watering crops. We stock a broad variety of system parts from suppliers such as Netafim and Parkland.

Sub-surface drip irrigation

Sub-surface drip irrigation systems

Sub-surface drip irrigation is a network of valves, pipes, tubing, and emitters that are installed under the surface and drip water slowly onto the root system of the plant. It is considered one of the most water-efficient irrigation systems because of reduced evaporation. We stock a broad variety of system parts from suppliers such as Netafim and Parkland.

Impact Sprinkler System

Impact sprinkler systems

Impact sprinkler systems are perfect for watering medium to large areas of grass, crops, or garden. They are made up of a series of pipes, valves, and brass or plastic sprinkler heads. We stock a variety of brands including Parkland and Netafim.

Centre Pivot and Lateral Move Irrigation Systems

Centre pivot and lateral move irrigation systems

Considered the boss of the irrigation world these traveling irrigation systems are perfect for produce farming. We design, install, and service centre pivot and lateral move irrigators.

Hard Hose Irrigator

Hard hose irrigators

These travelling irrigation systems are used for difficult terrain, oddly shaped fields, strip irrigation, and to support centre pivots. They range in size and can be transported to where they are needed. We stock Marani hard hose irrigators.

Under tree/bush irrigation

Under tree/bush irrigation systems

Similar to fog and mist irrigation these systems consist of a network of tubes, pipes, valves, and mini sprinkler heads. The mini sprinklers are placed at intervals and are attached to a stake in the ground. We stock a variety of brands including Netafim and Parkland.

Pop up sprinkler irrigation system

Pop up sprinklers

Pop up sprinklers are the best choice sprinkler for lawns, gardens, golf courses, and parks. These systems are made up of pipes, tube, valves, and rotor units and are versatile to suit any size or shape garden or lawn. We stock rotors from Toro, and Hunter, to name a few.

Misting and Fogging Sprinkler System

Fog and mist irrigation systems

Made up from a series of tubes, pipe, valves and mini sprinkler heads the system is more commonly used in greenhouses or nurseries. These irrigation systems can also be used for cooling public spaces. The mini sprinkler heads have a wide range of spray patterns to suit different crops or soil types. We stock a variety of brands including Toro, Netafim, and Nelson.

Irrigation system controllers

We design innovative and efficient irrigation systems. Whether you are after a simple tap timer or a complex dosing and fertigation system we have the experience and knowledge to deliver your project.

Irrigation system controllers range from very basic entry-level controllers, such as the Hunter HC Hydrawise,  suitable for residential irrigation to more sophisticated irrigation controllers such as the X2 Wi-Fi Hunter Controller. Smart controllers increase flexibility and functionality with predictive watering, and can be controlled from your mobile phone via an app.

These irrigation systems are very sophisticated and can be programmed to respond to data such as weather forecasts, expected temperature and rainfall and variations in humidity and wind speed. This means your crops or garden will not be irrigated unnecessarily in the event of rain, saving water, and irrigation costs while simultaneously preventing overwatering.

Hunter Hydrawise Irrigation Controller

Our team of irrigation designers can help you determine the best type of irrigation controller for your specific situation and can also assist you with irrigation supplies and installation. Think Water uses several preferred suppliers to provide you with high-quality irrigation products. Our premium range of irrigation controllers is manufactured through Hunter. Follow the link to see the range of Hunter Irrigation Controllers available.

If you prefer to speak to an irrigation expert in person, search for an irrigation store near me on Google to find your nearest Think Water store or click here.