Rainwater Harvesting & Storage

Rainwater Harvesting

Water is our most precious resource. Drought and the need for water restrictions increases every year as does the cost of everyday water usage. Rainwater harvesting and storing is a great way to save money and reduce the effect of water restrictions.

Tank water can be used for a number of purposes, from toilet flushing to doing your laundry to running your whole house on tank water, no job is too big or too small for our service technicians and system designers.

We maintain Preferred Supplier relationships with water tank specialists including Devan Plastics, Designer Tanks, and Kliptank. Our stores have extensive experience with these products and are highly capable of designing and installing their systems. They also offer maintenance services and can assist with troubleshooting.

Think Water stores design, supply, install and maintain rainwater harvesting systems to make the most of your water. We have the qualifications and expertise to design you a system for residential, commercial, agricultural or industrial use.

Rainwater Harvesting Products

Availability varies from store to store however if we don’t have what you need our active network allows us to order it in or suggest a suitable equivalent.

  • Steel water tanks
  • Poly water tanks
  • Greywater pumping systems
  • Filtration
  • First flush diversion kits
  • Leaf eaters
  • Tank water monitor systems
  • Mains water/tank water switches
  • Submersible pump systems