Stock Watering Systems

Stock watering systems are complex water delivery systems involving many components including, water quality, troughs, pumps, solar panels, bore pumps, nutrient injection and filtration. Our qualified field and installation teams have extensive hands-on experience and understand the end goal and what is needed to reach it.

Landsize, budget, water source and stock count are all variables in the design process. Once your system has been designed your local Think Water installation team can arrange and complete the installation processes to get it up and running. We design efficient cost effective stock watering systems utilising gravity and central water points where possible.

Preferred supplier Grundfos, has an excellent range of solar pumping solutions to assist with getting water to where it is needed. Our agreement means we have up-to-date product information and support for products and can assist with troubleshooting should a problem arise.

Whether the water source is a river, bore, dam or tank Think Water stores offer system design, product supply, installation and ongoing maintenance.

  • Water quality testing
  • Pump supply and maintenance
  • Solare pump expertise
  • Nutrient dosing systems
  • Filtration