What Is A Hose Nozzle, And What Is The Best Nozzle For A Garden Hose?

A hose nozzle is one of the essential tools to have in the garden, especially when it comes to keeping your garden green. A hose nozzle is a piece of spray equipment that is attached to the end of a garden house. Hose nozzles tend to vary in terms of settings, especially in the way that water squirts from them. While you might consider using your thumb to control the flow of water from your garden hose, this can be an inefficient way of watering your garden. Spray equipment is much more efficient, especially with the wide range of spray nozzles available. Water guns are not just useful for keeping your garden properly watered, but you can also use them when cleaning your car, the deck or filling up the children’s pool in the backyard. So, this raises the question, what is the best nozzle for a garden hose?

What Is the Best Nozzle for A Garden Hose?

When using hoses in the garden, you need a hose nozzle that is small, lightweight, comfortable to handle and affordable to purchase. While there is a variety of hose nozzles in the market, we have highlighted two of the most versatile and easy-to-use hose nozzles that also provide value for money. Here are the top two hose nozzles on our list.

Pistol Grip Nozzles

Pistol grip nozzles are commonly made out of plastic and are the most popular when it comes to hose nozzles in the market. Pistol grip nozzles are held in the palm of your hand; pressing the trigger attached to them activates the flow of water. You can also control how much water flows from a pistol grip nozzle by how much pressure you put on the trigger.

The Orbit 7 Pattern Plastic Turret Pistol Hose Nozzle
The Orbit 7 Pattern Plastic Turret Pistol Hose Nozzle

The Orbit 7 Pattern Plastic Turret Pistol is one of the best pistol grip nozzles available. This orbit pistol grip nozzle has a rear trigger that is designed to lock into place to provide you with a constant spray while watering your garden. The Orbit 7 Pattern Plastic Turret Pistol also possesses 7 spray patterns accommodating all your watering needs via a turn of its soft current dial. Its insulated non-slip contoured grip is designed to ensure user comfort while using the hose nozzle.

Dial Nozzles

Dial nozzles are the type of hose nozzles with a dial in front of them, allowing users to change the spray patterns more easily.  The Neta 12mm 7 Pattern Multi-Purpose Click-On Spray Gun is one of the best dial hose nozzles in the market. This dial grip nozzle is designed with an adjustable spray head that provides you with 7 different watering patterns; Shower, mist, flood, cone, centre, flat and jet, each one caters to your different watering needs.

The Neta 12mm 7 Pattern Multi-Purpose Click-On Spray Gun
The Neta 12mm 7 Pattern Multi-Purpose Click-On Spray Gun

The Neta 12mm 7 Pattern Multi-Purpose Click-On Spray Gun also possesses an auto shut-off trigger to prevent water wastage when not in use. Its non-slip rubber handle ensures that you have a solid grip on the hose nozzle while watering your lawn or garden. The notch at the bottom of the Neta spray nozzle makes it easy to attach your hose to it while maintaining a firm grip on the hose nozzle.

The Neta 12mm 7 Pattern Multi-Purpose Click-On Spray Gun has been made with top-quality materials to meet Australian and New Zealand standards. This Neta spray nozzle has been designed for ease of use and durability, complete with a 5-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

How Hose Nozzles Can Affect your Spray Pattern

The kind of hose nozzle you use has an impact on the kind of spray pattern you get while watering your plants or doing other household chores. For instance, when watering delicate plants like orchids, if you want to prevent the spray from your water gun damaging them, you can use a mist spray setting to adjust the pressure. If you are cleaning out your backyard deck, you will likely need a flood spray setting to get a lot of pressure. Thankfully, the Neta and Orbit hose nozzles offer you different spray options which can serve whatever needs you might have.

Using a hose nozzle is a great way to control the flow of water from your hose when cleaning your car or simply watering your plants. While these portable irrigation systems work like a dream, it is important that you clean your hose nozzle after each use to ensure that they remain functional and last longer. Above all, choose a quality product that will last. For more information, search irrigation stores near me to access all the spray equipment you need for your garden. Feel free to simply pop into your nearest irrigation store or give us a call.