Think Water Central Otago provides irrigation, pumping, filtration and water treatment services to residential, lifestyle, viticulture, horticulture and agricultural clients. Our services are complete, we take you through the design, supply and installation of your project and maintain and provide after-sales support. 

We provide complete water management solutions for a range of different applications, including agricultural, local councils, commercial, landscape and turf, dairy/stock watering, residential and industrial applications. Our services are scalable to suit any size organisation and are always delivered on time and within budget.

Pump Services

We stock a variety of pumps to suit many different applications. We only stock the highest quality brands ensuring efficiency, reliability and usability with modern farming operations. Whether you need servicing, a new pump or installation we have you covered.

Centre Pivot and Lateral Move Irrigation

Centre pivots irrigate in a circular pattern around a central pivot point whereas lateral move irrigators are not fixed at any point and move up and down rectangular fields. We offer system design, part supply, installation, and scheduled maintenance.

Solar Pumps

Solar pumps are the ultimate cost-effective solution for remote locations, off-grid living and livestock watering. We have access to a selection of solar pump systems from companies such as Grundfos and offer services installation or maintenance on your property.

Filtration and Water Treatment Services

The purpose of filtration and treatment is to make sure water sourced from creeks, dams and other sources is suitable for the end-user. This may involve the removal of impurities or the addition of treatments like chemicals, sediment, minerals or bacteria to achieve the desired result. We have access to a range of systems to suit agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential applications.


From large farm centre pivots to residential sprinkler systems we design the system, supply the products, provide installation and offer post-installation scheduled servicing. We specialise in drip systems, spray systems, centre pivot and our showroom has a great selection of parts and accessories and our sales staff are well equipped to assist you with finding the right piece for your system.


Once your water system has been installed you can rely on our Scheduled Maintenance Services to keep your system in top shape. Maintenance ensures that you get the most value and performance from your investment.

Sadly not all emergencies can be prevented but with regular servicing, however, they can be minimised. We find simple things such as missing/blocked sprinkler heads or broken pipes can cause expensive losses and damage. These sorts of problems are regularly found during scheduled maintenance and, if found early, can be corrected with minimal cost.

Our scheduled maintenance services have improved efficiencies and reduced costs for local councils, schools, businesses, and residential clients. We maintain effective partnerships with these bodies to get quality work done on time and within budget.