Our team of technicians and mechanics are qualified to carry out water management services, whether that be routine preventative maintenance on a casual or contract basis. We have an onsite workshop and can offer a quick turnaround on repairs without having to contract external mechanics or fabricators.

At Think Water Canterbury we work under strict safety standards and are fully backed by a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety plan. We are members of industry body Irrigation New Zealand and are accredited to work for local business and councils. When additional trades are required we only work with licenced plumbers, electricians and plant operators.

Irrigation Services

We take the time to understand your property and your needs, using our vast experience and product range to provide ideal solutions. No two properties are the same, which is why we have a full offering of irrigation systems designed for a number of applications.

Reinke Authorised Dealer

We are your local Reinke service providers. We are qualified to design and install centre pivot or lateral move irrigators. Our team can troubleshoot your system and provide on-site servicing and repairs.

Pump Services and Repairs

Whether it’s a small water pump for your bach or a 500kw pumping system for the whole town, we can supply the most cost-effective and efficient pump for your needs. We consider everything from product life cycles to power consumption and technological requirements when recommending and supplying any water system.

Filtration and Water Treatment Services

We stock a range of systems to suit agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential applications. Whether you need to remove impurities or add treatments Think Water Gisborne has extensive experience and understands the process, we will design, supply and install the system to achieve the desired result.

Effluent and Wastewater Services

A combination of well-designed systems, processes and efficient effluent management system improves soil condition, saves spending on fertiliser and can help prevent health issues in stock. Making sure that systems can reliably store and redistribute effluent are vital to maintaining soil and stock condition. Our customised systems achieve by taking your entire operation into account.

Residential Plumbing

As water experts, our team specialises in general maintenance and repairs of rural and residential household plumbing systems. We have a 24 hour 7 day call out service and our professional technicians always make an effort to get to your property as soon as possible. We have over 30 years of proven experience servicing the Canterbury and Selwyn regions and are always on hand to help when you need us.

Service and Maintenance

Regular maintenance reduces breakdown costs and provides peace of mind when you’re able to rely on your equipment to work when you want it to. Our approach to service and maintenance involves a full audit of your equipment so that we can accurately track which tools require checking at different times, allowing us to identify when they may be due for replacement or repair.