Benchtop filtration systems

Everyone should be able to enjoy the quality, purity and taste of filtered water. Benchtop water filters are a compact easy install solution that requires no mains plumbing. Therefore, a portable countertop water filter is an ideal solution for renters, students or those in temporary accommodation.

Benchtop water filters like the Puretec CT15 connect directly to the aerator thread on your existing tap and allows for a flow rate of up to 4 litres per minute of clean-tasting filtered water. These systems are desired to remove the unwanted elements in the water such as chlorine and chemicals while maintaining important mineral content.

Benchtop Water Filter

Built to be compact and therefore take up as little bench space as possible countertop water filters are great for apartments, units and granny flats. These filters allow for both ready access to filtered water and also unfiltered water when desired.