Pool and Spa Pumps

There are not many things better than a refreshing swim on a summer’s day or a warm spa on a cooler evening. There is nothing worse though than going for a swim or a bathe and the water is dirty, murky, or uninviting. A pristine pool or spa depends on a quality pool or spa pump to maintain it. But selecting the right pump for your pool or spa can be extremely daunting given the range of options available. Some of the main types of pool pumps include filtration pumps, specialty pumps and blowers.

Your Pool or Spa is an investment, and it is important that you select a quality pump that is reliable and does the task required. Think Water supplies and recommends both Pentair pool pumps and Davey pool pumps. To find the right pump for your pool or spa it is recommended to speak to a professional.

How to choose the best pool pump for my pool

Pool pumps are not one size fits all. To select the right pump for your pool or spa there are a few things that you need to consider first.

Size – How big is your pool or spa, start by measuring the length, width, and height to determine the volume of water that will need to be pumped. This will help to guide you on the size of the pump
and turnover rate.

Type – What type of pool do you have, is it an above-ground pool or a below-ground pool, concrete or fibreglass? What is the diameter of your pool pipes? This information further helps to narrow down the right pump for your pool in particular with the required or maximum flow rate.

Other Equipment – The pool pump is only one of the components of your pool set-up, Not only does your pool pump need to be right for your pool but it also needs to be compatible with your filtration system as well.

Get Expert Advice – Bottom line is you should probably get expert advice. Pools are complicated and too expensive to guess about. The local experts at Think Water are able to walk you through the process of selecting the best pump for your pool or spa. The Think Water team can assist you with the design, supply, installation, and ongoing servicing of your pool pump system.

Think Water has a range of high-quality pool pumps available from some of New Zealand’s leading pump suppliers. Our 2 main suppliers are Davey and Pentair who have both demonstrated a commitment to delivering innovative and reliable pool pump products.

For more details information about our pool pumps visit Davey Pool Pumps and Pentair Pool Pumps.