Caravan, RV and Boat Water Filter Systems

The quality of the water we drink is important for our health and well-being. While we often don’t think about water filtration and water filters when we are at home and connected to mains water, when we travel around in a caravan, RV or boat, the quality of our water becomes a higher priority.

The taste, smell and safety of water can vary greatly from water source to water source. For example, there is a huge difference in the taste and hardness of bore water as compared to rainwater. Travellers often find they don’t like the taste or smell of water from different locations, or worse, become sick from drinking or bathing in contaminated water. Van and boat owners don’t always have the luxury of topping up their water supply from a filtered or treated water source, so it becomes essential to take responsibility for your own water filtration and water treatment while travelling.

Think Water has an excellent range of water filters suitable for use in Caravans, RVs and Boats. Here we highlight some of the most popular water filters from Puretech, one of our preferred suppliers.

Puretec CR20 Inline Water Filter

This inline water filter features a flow rate of 20 litres per minute and a micron rating of 1. Measuring 335mm x 65mm, it is highly portable and can easily be stowed away when not in use. Featuring durable brass connections, it can easily be connected to garden hose fittings which are readily available in most locations while you are travelling, making it very easy to filter your water while filling up your water tank. This innovative water filter is ideal for caravans, RVs and boats and uses Silver Plus carbon filtration from Puretec along with antibacterial technology – perfect for removing sediment, odd tastes and unwanted odours.

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Puretec CR45 Caravan Water Filter Kit

This very versatile caravan water filter kit can be used either as an inline water filter while filling your tank directly from the mains tap or can be connected directly to the inlet water line in your RV, boat or caravan – doubling as a portable water filter and an undersink water filter. This water filter system is particularly efficient in removing unwelcome tastes and odours, chlorine and other organic chemicals. With dual filtration, the sediment and carbon filter offers the additional benefits of washable sediment removal cartridges and long-life filter technology – extending the time between filter changes. Add to this a 10-year warranty by the manufacturer, Puretech, it is hardly surprising this is one of our most popular water filters.

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Puretec CR Z2 Caravan/RV Inline Undersink Water Filter System

This compact Undersink Water Filter System with connecting faucet/tap measures a tiny 290mm x 90mm, has a capacity of 38,000 litres, a micron rating of 1 and a handy 5 litre per minute flow rate, making it perfect for use in caravans, RVs and boats which often come with restricted space. This 3-stage water filter uses antibacterial beads to inhibit bacteria and incorporates anti-scaling protection. It comes with a dedicated filter cap and standard caravan and RV fittings. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally and includes a valve in the head which makes DIY filter changes super easy.

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