The First Composite Dairy Farm – Cambridge NZ

August 2017

In January 2017, Think Water New Plymouth began work on a $2 million New Zealand-first project for Waikato Dairy Farm. The farm contacted Steve and his team as they were in need of a larger milking shed after combining two farms and two herds of dairy cattle.

The brief for the project was to complete a 50-bail dairy milking shed ready for milk production by 1st August 2017. Think Water New Plymouth also installed the milking plant, water reticulation shed, dairy effluent system and in-shed feed system of molasses and Prolick stock feeds, as well as an automated smart wash system for the plant and vat.

Waikato dairy farm
Waikato Dairy Farm

Work commenced on the farm in January 2017, with the first milking taking place on August 1 and the project was fully completed in September of this year. The composite platform is five times stronger than concrete and 88% lighter which means fewer rotating parts and less wear and tear resulting in long term cost reduction.

Waikato Dairy Farm
Waikato Dairy Farm

This is the first Generation two Centrus Composite Platform that has been installed in New Zealand, and Steve Bevan of Think Water New Plymouth counts himself lucky to be chosen to complete this first of a kind project in the country.

Waikato Dairy Farm is very pleased with the outcome and with the high level of service provided by Think Water New Plymouth.