Introducing Think Water Whitianga

Think Water Whitianga

Think Water Cambridge owners, Phil and Cheryl Clarke, have taken the plunge and opened their second store in Whitianga. As active Members within the group for the past 11 years, they have always had the vision and drive to expand. Once the decision and the commitment were made by Phil and Cheryl, it was all hands on deck! With only six weeks from the initial tick of approval to the planned opening date, there was a lot to get done. In true Phil and Cheryl fashion, they rolled up their sleeves and made it happen.

For those of you who love fishing, soaking in natural hot water springs, bushwalking, and horse trekking I’m sure there isn’t a better place or more ideal location than the beautiful seaside town of Whitianga (pronounced Fit-ee-anga). As the main settlement of Mercury Bay Whitianga is approximately a three-hour drive (208km) directly East of Auckland on the Coromandel Peninsula. It has a population count of about 4,500 people for 70% of the year, however, when the holiday season hits it balloons out to approx. 50,000 people.

The Think Water Whitianga grand opening took place on Saturday 29th September 2018. The team was joined by several Preferred Suppliers and various NSO staff and received a solid turnout from the locals with approximately 40-50 people coming in to check out what ‘the new business in town’ was all about.

The day started with Iplex firing up their mobile BBQ drawing people in with the delicious BBQ smell. While other Preferred Suppliers such as Philmac, WSP, Dolphin Pacific, and more contributed with games, demonstrations, and prizes.

Philmac introduced an exciting game where contestants were timed putting four pieces of poly pipe elbows together. This resulted in a lot of fun and laughter from many customers and the team especially considering the two Iplex (Plasson) reps with the slowest times!

In the early stages of this project, Phil and Cheryl shared the arduous task of managing the business between themselves. However, due to demand, they are now in the process of looking to recruit an extra body (ideally with some sort of experience). The role will be primarily based in the shop on a full-time basis to free up Phil allowing him to get out into the community and customer base. Initial feedback from customers has been extremely positive and most are pleased that there is a supportable local business as their other options are well over an hour’s drive away.

The main target market for the Think Water Whitianga is Water Treatment– residential, commercial, and farming, the local marine industry (with a focus on S/S fittings, hoses, and pumps), Pool and Spa products and equipment for both residential and commercial clients and of course irrigation. Good luck on your journey Phil and Cheryl!