Galcon GSI Irrigation Controller — Perfect for Irrigation Automation

Galcon GSI AG Irrigation Controller receives an upgrade

When it comes to irrigation controllers there is a broad selection of systems you can use. So if you are looking for a smart, web-based controller for agricultural irrigation and fertigation it is worth getting a professional opinion as to which system suits your application.

Think Water stores in horticultural areas love the Galcon GSI web-based irrigation controller, which is now in its fifth year in the New Zealand market. The Galcon GSI was one of the first commercial irrigation controllers to feature secure online management from anywhere in the world and has proven to be very successful.

Galcon GSI AG Irrigation Controller

The interactive user interface and real-time notifications of the Galcon GSI system allow one operator to access and control multiple sites remotely making it an essential tool for any agricultural business.

A couple of years ago, Galcon released the “AG” upgrade, which added volume-based and proportional control of fertiliser pumps to the controller’s capabilities. Now, with the release of “V2” of the AG upgrade, the GSI has the capability to be an “all-in-one” control solution for many horticultural irrigation systems.


  • Fertiliser pump control by time, volume, or proportional dosing;
  • Back-flushing control of up to 12 filters by time, volume, or pressure differential;
  • External sensor input to start, run pause, or cancel programs;
  • Co-valve function to pair up valve outputs for simultaneous operation;
  • Program prioritisation to determine which program runs if there is an overlap;
  • Optional completion of an irrigation program paused due to an alert;
  • Display of watering and fertigation progress on the user interface.

These new features allow the system to be used for misting and frost control as well as irrigation. The filter back-flushing functions also make the unit a more cost-effective solution, as the cost of a stand-alone filter flushing controller can in many cases be saved.

To learn how the Galcon GSI can benefit your agricultural business visit our store finder and talk to your local Think Water store.