Aqua Dynamics is a family-owned, Auckland based water treatment supply company. Specialising in residential, commercial and rural water treatment, their product range includes a wide variety of filters, an impressive selection of tapware and filter housings and filter systems to suit all applications.

As the only water treatment company to manufacture pleated cartridges in New Zealand, Aqua Dynamics has the solution for your water problem. Whether you are trying to remove iron and manganese, correct PH levels, sterilise with ultraviolet, soften your water or simply filter out the nasties we can assist you with a system to suit your application.

Think Water maintains a professional relationship with Aqua Dynamics enabling our staff full access to up-to-date product information and training. We have the expertise and knowledge to design your system, supply the parts, install it and provide scheduled servicing.

  • Water filter cartridges
  • Spa and pool filter cartridges
  • PH balance filter systems
  • Fridge filters
  • Housing
  • UV sterilisation filter systems
  • Carbon filters
  • Benchtop / Underbench filter systems
  • Tapware
  • Water softeners
  • Iron removing systems