Established in 2009, Kliptank is the first New Zealand company to patent above ground modular HDPE bulk above ground storage tanks for water and dairy effluent.

Kliptank products are designed and manufactured in New Zealand from quality NZ materials. They can be used for dairy effluent storage, wastewater treatment plants, trickle filters, bark filters, fire safety storage, community reservoirs, whey, mining, oil, gas, and water storage.

Tanks are available in sizes up to 5 million litres can be ordered from your local Think Water store they and will be delivered to your site flat packed. Think Water staff can assist with the installation and supply of fittings and accessories.

Think Water maintains a preferred supplier relationship with Kliptank meaning our staff are thoroughly trained and qualified to assist you with your purchase.

  • Uncovered tanks
  • Covered tanks
  • Trussed roof tanks
  • Klipjets and accessories