Netafim Precision Irrigation Solutions

From Drip Irrigation to Sprinklers, Filtration to Water Meters, Valves to Irrigation Design and everything in between, Netafim Precision Irrigation Solutions have got you covered.

Why DripNet PC™AS?

  • SUPERB ROI Achieve excellent drip irrigation performance on your budget – without compromising a drop on reliability or crop uniformity.
  • SUSTAINED CLOGGING RESISTANCE Ultra-wide and short water path with fast flow, plus self-cleaning technology, continuously flushes out debris to prevent clogging.
  • UNIFORM YIELDS Exactly the same amounts of water and nutrients reach every plant – even in long laterals and complex topographies.
  • PERFECT FIT FOR YOUR NEEDS AND BUDGET Wide range of pipe diameters and wall thicknesses can address any condition or application with the best ROI
  • LONG ROWS AT LOW COST Delivers uniform irrigation for long laterals up to 500 meters, reducing mains, sub-mains and installation costs.
  • HIGH-DURABILITY CONSTRUCTION Robust UV-stable dripperlines made to weather damage from heavy machinery, soil insects, sun exposure and recoiling.

Available in AS – Anti-Siphon and AS XR – Anit-Siphon Xtra-Root protection

For technical information and brochures visit DripNet PC™AS Downloads

SuperNet™ Sprinklers

Thanks to its unique flow regulation mechanism, SuperNet™ micro-sprinklers ensure uniform water and nutrient distribution around every tree – no matter the inlet pressure.

Why SuperNet™?

  • 0% FLOW VARIATION: Special flow regulation mechanism ensures your fields get a uniform flow rate even with rolling terrain and long row lengths – within specific pressure ranges.
  • ANTI-CLOGGING RESISTANCE: Water passage 30% larger than industry standard eliminates clogging issues, keeping your maintenance costs low.
  • INSECT-PROTECTED: Pop-up mechanism, opened only during operation, keeps nozzle insect and spider-free, eliminating the need for flushing.
  • LIFE-TIME OPERATION: “EverSpin” upper bearing protects sprinkler heads from friction, maintaining an optimal water pattern year after year.


AlphaDisc™ gives you ultimate irrigation system protection thanks to a combination of precise depth filtration, high dirt-holding capacity, and a unique easy-to-scale modular design that adapts with your changing flow rate or water quality needs.

Why AlphaDisc™?

  • High efficiency, precise depth filtration. Unique and improved disc design with precise filtration grade through all depths of the disc for better clogging protection.​
  • High dirt-holding capacity. High filtration volume and area, coupled with the lowest head loss in the industry, ensures higher particle capture, fewer backflush cycles, and less downstream disruption.​
  • Scalable. Unique modular design offers easy scalability as your needs evolve.​
  • Low backflush flow rate and low head loss. Results in a significantly more cost-effective irrigation system. ​
  • AlphaDisc™ smart controller. Innovative controller with IP65 rating provides “always-on” access to filtration data.​
  • Vertical installation. Smaller footprint for a well-designed, cost-effective irrigation room.​
  • Multiple configurations. Inline, online, and angle configuration (single unit) – that can be easily adapted to any system configuration.​
  • Durable and long-lasting product. Made from anti-corrosive materials.

For technical information and brochures visit AlphaDisc™ Downloads

Octave Ultrasonic Water Meters

Pattern Approved Octave Ultrasonic Water Meters for the ultimate reliability and accuracy.

Why Octave Ultrasonic Water Meters?

  • Pattern Approved for Murray Darling Basin
  • AS4747 accredited and NMI pattern approved
  • Excellent long-term stability and reliability
  • Rugged mechanical design – Submersible (IP68)
  • Bi-directional – including bi-directional outputs (digital and analog)
  • Flexible data formats including flow directions, flow rates and volumes
  • AMR and cellular networks ready with alerts and statistic features
  • Multiline LCD Programmable Display (units and outputs resolution)
  • EMI / RFI Protection

For technical information and brochures visit Octave Water Meter Downloads

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