Puretec Water Filtration Solutions

With more than 30 years of experience in the filtration industry, Puretec manufactures a wide range of leading-edge water filtration products. All Puretec products come with class-leading warranties, are of impeccable quality and are true to our tag line “Perfecting Water“.

Is your Rainwater
safe to drink?

Introducing the Puretec Hybrid Plus

The Puretec Hybrid Plus is an all-in-one filtration system including pump*, 3-stage filtration and finishing with UV sterilisation. This sleek, practical and high-quality system ensure you have pressurised safe and delicious rainwater. The patented HybridPlus system is designed to sit neatly against a wall, fence or tank, or can also be freestanding. It features a lockable cabinet with gull-wing style access doors for ease of access for maintenance and also incorporates adjustable feet to ensure a neat and tidy finished installation.

Filtration Technology

Stage 1: Sediment Filtration
Removes coarse dirt, sand and particles down to 5 micron.

Stage 2: Taste & Odour Removal
Reduces bad taste, odour, herbicides, pesticides and chemicals.

Stage 3: Fine Sediment Filtration
Removes fine sediment and particulate down to 1 micron. 

Stage 4: Bacteria Elimination
Kills 99.9% of bacteria with Radfire™ ultraviolet technology, a natural purification process that’s completely eco-friendly and chemical-free.

Features & Benefits of Hybrid Plus

  • Premium Puretec four-stage water treatment including UV protection with filter monitor gauges, lamp fail alarms, lamp count-down timer and surge protection. 
  • Patented cabinet with gull-wing style access doors looks great whilst providing easy access for maintenance, is corrosion resistant and lockable to prevent tampering.
  • Premium pump*, pressure controller and optional mains/rains changeover switch to ensure adequate pressure and seamless back up from the mains/municipal water supply.  
  • Neatly concealed ventilation to allow airflow and heat dissipation.
  • Designed specifically for rainwater the Puretec HybridPlus is a complete plug & play package with pump* filters & UV in one unit that is weatherproof, rodent-proof, tamper proof and reduces pump noise.

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Undersink water filter for your Kitchen

Transform your tap into a filter tap.

The PureMix Z7 installs under your existing kitchen bench and uses your current tap. No Extra Tap Required – Fits Any Standard Mixer Tap. The PureMix Z7 system is designed specifically for applications with higher sediment and harsher water quality such as rural supplies, areas with older pipe infrastructure and rainwater. 

Stage 1 : Sediment Removal
Remove silt, sludge, dirt and rust.

Stage 2 : Chlorine Removal
Eliminate bad taste, odour and chemicals in your water.

Stage 3 : Anti-Bacteria Technology

  • Antibacterial technology inhibits bacterial growth within the system, whilst the 1-micron rating offers protection from cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.
  • Incorporates Anti-scaling protection.

Features & Benefits of Puremix Z7

  • Specifically designed for mains, rain, harsh and rural water supply.
  • With the introduction of Z Plus Technology, this Z7 cartridge has the ability to inhibit bacterial growth.
  • Provides pure, safe, filtered water, free of chlorine and harmful cysts.
  • Sediment, dirt, rust and other particles filtered down to 1 micron including Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts+.
  • No need for a separate filter tap.
  • Quick and easy installation, ideal for stone bench tops. Mounts horizontally or vertically – no shelf cutouts required.
  • Incorporates Anti-scaling protection.

Other Puretec Water Filtration Range

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