Established as a family business in 1970, Rodney Industries has supplied Australia and New Zealand with high-quality products for the past 50 years. Specialising in metal fittings, poly fittings and poly fabrication, Rodney Industries has an extensive range suitable for applications in the mining, industrial and irrigation industries.

Their metal fitting range includes a selection of channel gates, firebugs, galvanised and stainless steel foot valves, echo check valves and flap valves. Their plastic fitting range includes poly foot valves, maxi stubs, sweep bends, floats/pontoons and leaf/ lint suction strainers. They also stock a wide range of irrigation products including, travelling irrigators, soft hose irrigation machines, boom irrigation systems and hard hose irrigators.

Rodney Industries has the sole Australasian distribution rights for the highly successful Marani range of Italian built Hard Hose Irrigators and Briggs Boom. Our Preferred Supplier relationship with them means we can deliver these products to you with up-to-date product support.

  • Hard hose irrigators
  • Soft hose irrigators
  • Channel gates
  • Foot valves
  • Echo check and flap valves
  • Maxi stubs
  • Floats and pontoons
  • leaf and lint suction strainers
  • boom irrigation systems
  • travelling irrigation systems
  • Marani Hard Hose Irrigators
  • Briggs Booms
  • Poly fabrication