RX Plastics has more than 30 years experience and is one of New Zealand’s largest manufacturers and distributors, of plastic products suitable for water transport and storage. Specialising in K-Line irrigation, pipe, water storage tanks and effluent dispersal systems Think Water is proud to stock RX Plastics products in all stores.

Utilising extrusion, injection moulding and rotomoulding they produce premium products for irrigation, effluent range, water storage and wastewater systems. Other products include PVC pipe, valves, camlocks and hose clips to name a few.

Think Water stores maintain a superb relationship with the team at RX Plastics resulting in product support, staff training and competitive pricing. Visit your local Think Water store and speak to our sales staff about how you can utilise these products in your mater management systems.

  • Kline irrigation
  • Odourless sewage and wastewater treatment
  • G-set irrigation
  • Water storage tanks and accessories
  • Drainaway pipes
  • LD pipe
  • Super troughs
  • Compression fittings
  • Stock water accessories
  • Septic and grey water solutions
  • Effluent irrigation