Specialised Water Filter Treatment Systems

Water is used in every aspect of our daily lives, but not all water is the same. Different appliances and uses require water that has been treated in a specific way or had certain contaminants removed. For this purpose, there is a range of water filtration systems that are focused on a specific purpose. This includes filters for fridges, coffee machines, caravans or industrial purposes like farming and medical.

These systems remove specific elements such as minerals that make the water hard or achieve a targeted level of sterilisation from bacteria and viruses. To view the full range of water treatment systems produced by Puretec and supplied by Think Water then click here.

Fridge Water Filters

If your fridge delivers fresh, pure drinking water straight from its door then you may or may not realise that there is a Fridge water filter treating that water for you. Your fridge’s water filter like any water filter needs to be regularly replaced. Generally, the filter cartridge should be replaced every 6 months but should never be left for more than a year.

Think Water is a supplier of Puretec replacement fridge water filters for both LG and Samsung fridges. The LG replacement, the Puretec RF30 is an affordable substitute for other more expensive options. The Puretec filter contains a compressed carbon block that is highly effective at removing sediments, chemicals and other impurities from your drinking water. This ensures your water is delicious and healthy for you and your family to consume.

Coffee Machine Water Filters

Who doesn’t enjoy that morning cup of coffee? For many, the smell and the taste of well-brewed coffee is the perfect start to any day. Why then would you spoil a good homemade espresso or coffee of your choice with bad-tasting tap water? If you haven’t a coffee brewed using quality, pure filtered water then you haven’t yet had your best coffee.

Coffee Machine water filters are a necessary addition to your home coffee brewing setup. In addition to improving the taste of your coffee, these water filters improve the life and performance of your coffee machine by preventing mineral build-up and scaling.

The CO-SB200 is Coffee Machine Water Filter produced by Puretec and supplied by Think Water. This water filter uses Balance+ Technology to ensure the right amount of minerals to extract the perfect coffee flavour while also protecting the machine from limescale.

Coffee Machine Water Filter

Caravan Filters

When you’re travelling on the road or visiting some of Australia’s remote locations you need to have confidence that your water supply is safe to drink without making you sick. The biggest challenges with caravans are you are often unfamiliar with or unsure of the quality of the water that you are putting in as well as how pure that water is staying while sitting in your tank. For this reason, you should use a Puretec Caravan Water filter to ensure the water you drink is pure and free from contaminants.

The Puretec CR-Z2 is an under-sink filter system with an included faucet that is a full water filtration solution for your caravan’s sink. It is designed with compact spaces in mind and can filter 38,000 litres of water on a single cartridge. It will remove sediment and particles down to 1 micron in size using an advanced 3-stage filtration.

Inline Undersink Caravan Water Filter

The CR20 is an inline filter with brass connectors that is plumbed directly in line with the existing caravan setup. With a capacity of 7500 litres, this small unit is ideal for use in caravans, camper trailers, boats and motorhomes.

Inline Caravan Water Filter

Caravan Dual Filter System

Finally, the CR45 is a large capacity dual water filtration system that is designed to filter the water before it enters your caravan’s, camper trailer’s or motor home’s water tank. Simply connect a mains hose to the filter and the other side to your tank’s inlet. The CR45 can filter 20 litres per minute and remove particulates down to 1 micron. This caravan water filter will rid your water of chemicals, odours and bad tastes.

Farm and Medical Filters

The quality of the water used is probably the most important in the farming and medical industries. In farming ground or bore, water and surface water can easily become contaminated with pesticides or bacteria. This can livestock sick or spread disease resulting in the loss of entire herds of animals.

In medicine, water is critical in the process of equipment decontamination and sterilisation. In this situation, only the purest water will do and there must be absolute confidence that the water itself will not cause contamination.

Think Water is a trusted supplier of a range of specialised farm and medical water filters known as Acqua by Davey. Acqua is a bespoke range of water filters that are customised and tailored to deliver outstanding water filtration to a specific situation. A highly trained water filtration specialist will work closely with you to identify your needs and design the right solution for you.