The cost of installing a residential irrigation system

The cost of installing a residential irrigation system varies widely depending on the scope of your project and how much of the irrigation installation you want to do yourself.

If you plan to install an irrigation system at your residence, there are three main approaches you can use:

Three Solutions for installing a residential irrigation system
  1. Plan and install your home irrigation system yourself 
  2. Enlist a professional residential irrigation specialist to help you with the design phase, this may be at a cost 
  3. Hire a professional to help you get your home watering system up and running – right from the planning and designing of your irrigation system through to the installation.

Obviously, if you plan on doing everything yourself the cost of installing residential irrigation at your home will be a lot less than the cost of using an irrigation specialist to help plan, design, and install your entire irrigation system. From years of experience, the team at Think Water have noticed that at the very least most homeowners need help with the planning and design phase of their domestic irrigation system. Laying out a domestic sprinkling, soaking, or spraying system requires more than just mapping out where you want your irrigation system to sit at your residence. Consideration needs to be given to a whole range of installation aspects and questions asked around, What is the water pressure like? What is your available water source and what amount of water is available? Do you need a water pump to ensure the sprinkler heads work? Is there a change in the elevation of your lawn or garden bed? Is there an electrical source available? All of these are relevant when doing flow calculations and figuring out how many sprinkler heads or emitters you need and how far apart they need to be spaced.

The end goal is also very important when assessing the cost of your investment. For example, if your goal is to save time in the garden, you may like to consider installing a fully automated irrigation system at your home, with remote access linked to your smartphone. However, if you really enjoy the time you spend in the garden you may prefer to install a more entry-level irrigation system while still allowing you to enjoy presence in your garden.

To help you with working out the cost of installing a residential irrigation system we have compiled a handy guide that lists products we stock and are typically used in each level of irrigation system and your friendly local Think Water store is always happy to help you to work out the best irrigation solution for your home.

Entry Level Residential Irrigation Systems

Typically entry level irrigation systems relate to pop up sprinklers without any level of automation.

The components for an entry level residential irrigation system

You will typically need:

  • Rotors or sprinkler heads such as those supplied by Parkland, Hunter, Nelson, or Netafim.
  • Drip tube usually supplied by Netafim or Parkland.
  • Micro sprinklers used in small garden beds usually supplied by Netafim or Toro
  • Iplex pipe or RX Plastics tubing
  • The general range of fittings for micro-irrigation, low-density tubing usually supplied from WSP.

Midrange Residential Irrigation Systems

In addition to products required in entry level home irrigation systems, many home owners like to enhance their irrigation systems with add ons that allow for ease of operation or increased efficiency.

Components used in a Midrange residential irrigation system

These could include:

  • Valves and fittings from various suppliers including WSP and Parkland
  • Netafim emitters, drip tape or tube
  • A Hunter, Toro, or Orbit battery wi-fi controller that allows ongoing programming

Premium Residential Irrigation Systems

At the premium end of the irrigation possibilities are products that allow for complete automation and remote access. Some homeowners even like to borrow technology from the agricultural sector and install full subsurface drip irrigation systems. There are numerous possibilities available, all with unique features and benefits to the homeowner.

Components for a Premium Residential Irrigation System

Possible premium enhancements include:

  • A filtration system to remove fine particles and reduce blockages
  • Solenoid valves and manifold system to make an automated and expandable irrigation system
  • A water storage tank to store water specifically for irrigation purposes
  • A Grundfos, Davey, or 43 South pressure pump to maintain pressure to run the system
  • A fully automated controller and monitor that can be accessed remotely via Bluetooth technology usually sourced from WSP.

It is important to realise that most products can be used across any level of irrigation. It is really just the added features that cause the cost of irrigation systems to increase. Ultimately the cost of your home irrigation system really depends on how many features you add and the degree of automation you require.

Our team at Think Water will be able to help you identify the products that best match your needs and assist you in the areas you feel you need help. With a little bit of careful planning and local knowledge, we will help you to get your residential irrigation system up and running. Your lawn and garden will certainly thank you. To find your closest Think Water store please visit our handy store locator page.