Types of pressure cleaning equipment in New Zealand

In New Zealand, the extremes of weather and long wet winters lead to a build-up of grime and moss on the exterior surfaces of homes. Build up is particularly common on driveways, footpaths, spouting, on the roof, under eaves and on pool decks. New Zealand, homeowners understand the importance of maintaining their home and the need to pressure clean exterior surfaces regularly.

There are many options when it comes to pressure cleaning equipment in New Zealand Water blasters, sweepers, foam guns, spray wands, industrial vacuums, water pressure cleaning machinery and cleaning chemicals are all part of the arsenal of products used when pressure cleaning your home.

There is something very therapeutic about using pressure cleaning equipment to clean around your home in New Zealand. Over the winter months, driveways and footpaths accumulate a layer of grime and sometimes moss which looks like mould. To clean it away, Kiwis love to get outside on the weekend with their Karcher in hand, often spending hours systematically pressure cleaning the drive. Sometimes, Kiwi humour comes out, and the pressure cleaner is used to write messages on New Zealand driveways or footpaths. Super creative New Zealanders have even used pressure cleaners to create driveway art, including floral designs and checkerboard designs that can actually be used to play a game of chess on.

Generally though, Kiwis just want their driveways and paths to pop. They enjoy seeing the transformation a pressure cleaner can achieve, demonstrated in the photo below, which shows brick paving before being cleaned with a pressure cleaner and the paving after the pressure cleaner has worked its magic.

While some people do not enjoy pressure cleaning, the typical Kiwi homeowner gets a lot of satisfaction from a weekend session with their Karcher. They also find regular DIY cleaning around their New Zealand home keeps their home well maintained and greatly reduces cleaning costs, especially when compared to the price to hire a professional pressure cleaning service.

One of the main benefits of using a pressure cleaner as opposed to a normal garden hose, is they use much less water, reducing your water bill while helping you to be environmentally responsible. Knowing your pressure cleaning is not going to blow out your water bill is very reassuring, allowing you guilt-free enjoyment of your Karcher

Some jobs are just too big, and that’s where heavy-duty, commercial-grade pressure cleaning equipment comes in. Heavy-duty pressure cleaners are used for those bigger jobs that require a bit more power and are typically used by professionals. If you live in New Zealand and are thinking about doing some cleaning up around your home, it is worth visiting our Think Water stores. They have an excellent range of pressure cleaning equipment including petrol pressure cleaners, steam cleaners and sweepers. They also stock a variety of Karcher products which connect to mains power and are ideal for pressure cleaning in New Zealand.