Undersink Water Filters

Undersink water filters are a permanent option for delivering filtered water to a tap in your home on demand whenever you need it. Water filtration gives you the certainty that the water you and your family are drinking is clean and pure, free from chemicals, sediment, chlorine and odours. Undersink water filters come in a range of options to suit every sink and every situation.

Undersink water filters are installed in the cupboard beneath your sink and plumbed directly in. The filters can then be used with either a 3-way mixer tap or a stand-alone filtered water tap.


The Puremix-Z6 from Puretec is an under-sink water filter that uses 3 levels of filtration to remove unwanted elements and sediment down to 0.1 microns in size from up to 60,000 litres of water. When the filtration cartridges do need to be changed, they can be done without needing to switch off the water.

Undersink Water Filter

3-way mixer tap with quick-twist filter

A 3-way mixer tap with a water filter kit is the perfect option for those still wanting the option for both filtered and unfiltered water. Puretec offers a range of 3-way mixer taps in stainless and matte black, including the Puretec Z1 water filter. This filter uses Ultra Z Filtration Technology that makes your water pure, free from chemicals and taste great.

The Sparq S Series is the Puretec premium range of water filters and faucets. The series provides everything you could want in a tap. Filtered water that is either sparkling, chilled or boiling is all immediately available at the push of the button.

Puretec also produces a range of water filter kits with a dedicated tap that can be installed. These kits come in both single and dual filter options. These kits are a full water filter solution including everything you need from the water filter, connectors, and a dedicated tap to add to your sink.

The Z1-MW-K is an under-sink DIY water filtration system that can be easily installed in line with your existing plumbing. The filter can be vertically or horizontally mounted so no need to cut holes in cabinetry. The cartridge is replaceable with a quick-twist action and will filter 23,000 litres to 0.1micron before needing to be changed.

DIY Undersink Water Filter Kit

High Loop Designer Faucet with Dual Filter System

If you want your water to have that extra level of filtration, then a dual water filter should be considered. The TS100 is one such dual water filter kit. A dual filter kit allows for extra sediment to be removed before the cartridges need to be replaced. These filters like all Puretec products ensure you and your family are drinking clean, odourless, and chemical-free water.

Puretec aims to ensure that not only are their products of the highest quality but that customers can repair and replace parts of the system if they need them over time. The CD13 is the complete water filter housing assembly that can be purchased separately. This is the housing that holds the filter cartridges and mounts to the wall.

Other spare parts available through Puretec include replacement cartridges and replacement heads and plumbing components.

To view the full range of Puretec Undersink Water Filters click here.

In addition to Puretec, Think Water are suppliers of the Davey Microlene High Flow under bench filtration systems and the Davey Microlene Aquashield Max.

The Davey High Flow Under bench filtration system utilises 5-stages of filtration and removes sediment down to 1 micron in size. This filtration process ensures you and your family are drinking the highest-purity, odourless and chemical-free water. The Davey system is compatible with either mains or rainwater and can treat 65,000 litres of water before the cartridge needs replacing.

High Flow Under Bench Filtration System

Aquashield Max

The Aquashield Max is a total water solution providing filtration, disinfection and water pressure within a single self-contained unit. There is a range of options available to suit either mains or tank water with sufficient water pressure and treatment capability to support between 6 and 9 outlets running simultaneously. The Aquashield Max is therefore capable of delivering a potable water supply to a large home, guest house or small to medium commercial operations.


If you rely on rainwater as your primary water source then Puretec has 4 options for you should consider. Each of the Puretec Rainwater Filter Kits is built to the highest quality and standards to transform your rainwater into clean and beautiful tasting drinking water.

The Puretec Z1-RW-K is a dual under-sink rainwater filter kit that is easy to install and designed for easy filtration cartridge replacement. The dual filter system uses a sediment pre-filtration technology that filters water in a 3-stage process to remove particulates down to 0.1 microns in size. In addition to improving the taste and clarity of the water, this system helps to reduce pesticides, organic chemicals, bacteria, dirt and rust that can commonly be found in rainwater tank systems.

Dual Under Sink Rainwater Filter Kit

Hybrid Dual Stage filtration with UV Technology

The Hybrid M1 has many of the same filtration capabilities as the Z1 with the added benefit of UV Technology. This dual-stage filtration system kills 99.9% of bacteria in the water by using the Puretec Radfire ultraviolet technology. This system can be connected to any mixer tap making it a quick and effective solution to get quality filtered water in your home.

The ES2 and ESR2 options by Puretec are dual filtration systems with a dedicated faucet that gets added to your sink. This allows you to choose between either filtered water or unfiltered water through your existing tap. The ES2 requires no power to work making it more versatile in where it can be installed. The ESR2 includes the Puretec Radfire ultraviolet technology to kill 99.9% of bacteria and ensure your water is safe to drink.

High Loop Faucet with Dual Filter

3-way Mixer with Dual Filter

Finally, The ESR2 system is also available to purchase with a range of Puretec 3-way mixer taps. These mixer taps replace your existing faucet and ensure all your water is appropriately filtered and safe for drinking.