Weed Spraying Equipment

Any way you look at it, weeds are a nuisance. They compete with your lawn or crop for nutrients and if left untreated, weeds can totally take over your garden and significantly reduce production outcomes for your crop or pasture. Fortunately, there is a wide range of weed spray equipment available to spray those weeds and prevent them from causing damage. Think Water provides weed spraying solutions for broadacre, crop and spot spraying.

Hand-Held Weed Spraying Equipment

Handheld weed sprayers are perfect for spot spraying weeds in your lawn or garden. There are various weed spraying nozzles available that can be adjusted to various spraying patterns. Handheld weed sprayers are generally used for plant protection and in small private gardens. One of the benefits of this type of spray equipment is they provide a very cost-effective weed spraying solution in domestic gardens. Think Water stocks hand-held weed spraying equipment from quality brands like Solo.

Hand-held weed spraying equipment is perfect for plant protection and small private gardens.
Hand-held weed spraying equipment is perfect for plant protection and small private gardens.

Backpack Sprayers

As the name suggests, backpack weed sprayers can be conveniently carried on your back, keeping your hands free to move around plants and other items. Having the spray pack on your back distributes the weight of the spray evenly and is much better for you from a postural perspective.

There is a wide range of backpack sprayers available to meet your requirements, no matter how big or small the job is. Battery-powered backpack sprayers use a 12-volt battery supply to the pump, providing you with continuous pressure and saving you time and unnecessary work.

Backpack weed spraying equipment by Solo
Backpack weed spraying equipment can be conveniently carried on your back.

Compression Sprayers

As the name suggests, compression sprayers compress the air, relying on pressurisation to expel the weed spray from the storage tank. There is a wide range available with varying capacities. When choosing it is helpful to select a model with an easy to use pressurisation handle, an ergonomic strap and a lightweight, strong polypropylene tank.

Boom Sprayers

Booms are a common sight on most farms during weed spraying season. Mounting multiple weed spraying nozzles on a boom that can move over your crop or field allows for broader coverage and provides time and cost-efficient spraying. Think Water can help you design a boom weed spraying solution, that will ultimately reduce weeds and increase production outcomes.

Nozzles and Weed Spraying Wands

There is a wide range of weed spraying wands and nozzles available. Successful weed spraying requires a targeted approach. Taking care selecting the right spray wand and nozzle will help you target weeds more effectively when spraying. In smaller weed spraying applications, handheld spraying is quite common so adjustable nozzles are very popular. Adjustable weed spraying nozzles allow you to adjust the spray pattern to specifically target problem weed areas.

Pumps, Filters, Accessories and Cartage Equipment

Larger scale weed spraying that delivers a considerable volume of spray will require a pump. Investing in a pump to help with weed spraying makes sense in larger applications and for properties that require regular weed spraying. The right pump will allow you to effectively spray more efficiently, saving you time and increasing outcomes.

Weed spraying filters and accessories are available through Think Water to help you keep your spray system well maintained and flowing freely. We also supply cartage equipment to help you develop a mobile weed spraying solution that can easily be moved from one location to another. In the garden, garden sprayer trolleys are a helpful tool for the avid gardener.

Safety Equipment

Care needs to be taken when working with weed spray. Make sure you wear protective clothing including suitable gloves and masks to minimise the chance of weed spray being absorbed into the skin or breathed in. Make sure chemicals are safely stored away, preferably in a locked area. To prevent leaks, regularly maintain your spray equipment and check it is working well before use.

Having the right weed spraying equipment is essential for weed spraying. Having the right weed spray is just as important. Talk to a team member at your local Think Water store about your weed problem for a weed spraying solution and safety apparel that suits your needs.