Whole-house water filter systems

If you are needing filtered water from more than just a single tap in your home, then a whole house water filter is the more economical choice. A whole house water filter delivers filtered water to every tap and appliance in your home. These systems are particularly useful when there are concerns about sediment and hard water.

Think Water supplies a range of whole house water filters from Puretec and Davey.


Many Australians are reliant on rainwater as their primary or only source of water. Captured infrequently on the roof and then stored for long periods in tanks rainwater must be properly treated and purified before being used in the home.

Puretec has 4 categories of whole house water filters for rainwater sources: hybrid, single stage, dual stage and Rainwater tank purifiers.

Hybrid Rainwater Filtration System

The Puretec Hybrid Series is an all-in-one filtration system*, a range of 2 or 3 stage filtration and finishing with UV sterilisation. The Hybrid Systems remove sediment, chlorine and eliminates bacteria. Perfectly designed for rainwater supply and suitable outdoor installation.

Rainwater Tank Purifier

You can treat the rainwater tank directly and kill 99.9% of all bacteria, germs and viruses before the water even reaches your filter. Puretec TankSafe solution gets added directly to your rainwater tank to purify the water and ensure it is safe for drinking.

Puretec Hybrid systems like the EM1-60 is a single-stage water filtration system that is used to reduce the taste, odour chemicals and sediment that may be present in your rainwater. The system is mounted externally, requires no power and has a 10-year warranty.

Single Stage Rainwater Filtration

Dual Stage Rainwater Filtration

For water that is heavier in sediment or where more throughput is required dual filtration systems like the Puretec EM2-65 are available. The EM2-65 filters down to 5 microns in size and is capable of a throughput of 65 litres per minute. The dual filter system reduces the need to change the cartridges as frequently and ensures the system provides cleaner, purer water to the whole house for a longer period.

Hybrid Systems such as the Hybrid-G250 combine the dual-stage water filter with an ultraviolet purifier to remove 99% of bacteria, parasites and viruses from your rainwater. These systems have a simple plug-and-play installation and require power for UV treatment.

Davey has produced a simple unit called the Microlene Aquashield Max which combines pumping, filtration and UV disinfection in a single system. This system is easy to install, tamper proof and ensures your rainwater is pure, free from sediment and safe to drink.


The WH1-60 is a whole house water filter designed to treat and purify mains water. The system is designed to be wall mounted and installed externally as the water enters the property. The filter cartridges are targeted to reduce chlorine, improve taste and eliminate unwanted odours from your water supply. Fitting a single system externally means all your house’s water including showers will be filtered and free from sediments and unwanted minerals.

Whole House Water Filter

For those seeking a more substantial whole house filtration or for areas where the mains water supply is high in sediment or unwanted particulates, dual filter systems are available. The WH2200 and the WH2-60 are 2 Puretec dual filter systems that are available.

Whole House Slimline Dual Water Filter

Whole House Dual Water Filter

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Davey produces a range of premium whole house water filtration systems called the Microlene UV systems. These systems utilise ultraviolet light to disinfect the water and eliminate almost all viruses and bacteria. The best part is that these systems have no moving parts and require no chemicals limiting their maintenance and ensuring they have no impact on the water chemistry. To view the full range of Davey products please click here.

Other Water Supply

Alternative water sources like underground bore water or dams, lakes and rivers are the only source of water available to many people living in Australia and New Zealand. These households need a water filtration system that is capable of dealing with the challenges this type of water brings, including, suspended solids, high levels of organic matter, chemicals and less than enjoyable tastes and odours.

Puretec has produced a range of water filtration systems for those living on these alternative water sources. These include Carbon Filtration, Sediment Filtration, Ultrafiltration and a Hybrid series.

Carbon Filtration Systems like the CFS3000 is a self-contained filtration unit suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial use. The system removes trace heavy metals, chlorine and sediment to improve the taste, odour and healthiness of the water. This system is capable of a flow rate of 40 litres per minute with larger systems available.

CFS3000 Carbon Filtration System

SFS4000 Sediment Filtration System

The SFS4000 Sediment Filtration system is targeted for the removal of sediment, silt, sand and other particulates from the water supply. This prevents build-ups and blockages that can damage or compromise plumbing, hot water systems and other appliances.

Ultrafiltration is a final stage filtration system where water is forced using pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane can filter particulates down to 0.02 microns in size. This is small enough to filter out bacteria directly.

Ultrafiltration System

Hybrid Filtration System

Finally, the Hybrid Filtration system such as the Puretec Hybrid-G6 combines traditional carbon filters with ultraviolet technology to kill 99% of bacteria and leave the water the purest it possibly can be. These systems are highly effective at treating water that is contaminated with bacteria or parasites and leave it safe to drink or use in all applications.

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