Grundfos Dairy Shed

In 2019, Think Water Bay of Plenty was approached by a Dairy Farm located in Western Bay of Plenty to design and install an innovative and efficient dairy shed pump system. The complete refurbish of their dairy shed and water systems were to allow for more efficient use of water and energy across the property.

The team at Think Water Bay of Plenty designed a system with multiple Grundfos pumps, after in-depth discussions with the farm manager about their existing dairy shed pump system.

Grundfos Dairy Pump Shed System

A Grundfos Hydro SOLO-E was installed to provide stock water to troughs. This system includes a variable speed pressure booster with one vertical multistage Grundfos CRE pump. The Hydro SOLO-E adjusts its speed according to demand – this was especially relevant for the project as the hilly setting meant that energy could be saved when pumping to the lower areas of the farm.

A Grundfos CME Twin Booster was used for the dairy shed water supply and vat wash. The CME Twin Booster is a variable speed pump that adjusts to water demand resulting in lower energy costs. The two CME Boosters are connected in parallel and mounted on a common base plate. The pump features an integrated speed control for constant pressure and low energy consumption.

The stock water is dosed with minerals to maintain animal health. The Grundfos Smart Digital DDA 60-10 XL pump was used because it has an internal brushless motor drive making it the perfect solution for complex and demanding applications.

Grundfos Dosing Pump used in Dairy Shed Pump System

For high-pressure dairy wash down, a Grundfos DBE was installed. This pump is a heavy-duty, variable speed, wash down pump with corrosion-resistant stainless steel shaft and impeller making it long-lasting and low maintenance. The variable-speed motor aids the user with a soft start and smooth ramp-up.

Grundfos components used in complete dairy shed pump system