Lifestyle Block Water System – Pump transfer and Water Treatment

Lifestyle block water system - Pump and Filtration

The team at Think Water Marlborough was contacted by UpFront Farms in Marlborough to design a comprehensive water system with pump and treatment facilities for multiple purposes around their lifestyle block farm.

After discussion and planning with the farm owners, a new bore was drilled to provide water for garden irrigation, livestock, and household water supply. Think Water Marlborough tested the water from the bore to reveal an undesirable level of minerals and pH making it unfit for household use and human consumption.

Think Water Marlborough designed a two-stage pump and water treatment system utilising a Grundfos variable speed pump and Davey UV filter to deliver drinkable water to all areas of the lifestyle block farm. This system was installed in a custom-built pump shed to keep all components protected from the weather.

The first stage in the water system included a Grundfos variable speed pump that was used to draw water from the bore and distribute it for irrigation and stock watering purposes first, and then fill the water storage tank. Variable speed pumps are great for achieving a consistent level of water pressure regardless of fluctuating demand such as this application.

Stage two in the water system included a UV filter to neutralise the pH and make the water suitable for drinking and household use. A Davey Aquashield Centurion system was chosen for its three-phase filtration which removes sediment, dirt, rust, and debris in the first stage, followed by cysts and other pathogens in the second stage with poly pleated and poly spun filters. The final stage of filtration results in the disinfection of the water with Steriflo UV disinfection technology to achieve pH balance and safe drinkable water.

The lifestyle block water system is the perfect example of making the most of what resources are available in a remote water supply solution. The client is happy with the outcome and continues to utilise the services of Think Water Marlborough for ongoing servicing and maintenance of the system.