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If you’re in search of a residential irrigation system, chances are you’ve never had one before, and the whole process seems a little, well, daunting, doesn’t it?  It doesn’t have to be.  Walk with us as we give you a step-by-step guide to designing and installing your irrigation system; including critical aspects of the process, and reputable suppliers of irrigation products in New Zealand.  In as little as a month, you’ll enjoy self-gardening, economically sound irrigation; and the beautiful peace of mind that comes with it.

In efforts to help owners decide the best way to complete this set-up; let’s explain the 6 main components of a residential irrigation system, best known as sprinkler irrigation. First, there will be a site inspection to make sure the property is legally and geographically safe to work on.  After that’s given the green light, measurements begin in efforts to create a unique blueprint for your space.  Next, are flow tests and calculations that involve an understanding of physics, to ensure your water flows efficiently and in ways that save you the most money, and the planet the most water.  Once these first three steps are out of the way, it’s time to get to designing the placement of sprinkler heads!  You’ll need to order products for the job from a reputable irrigation store in New Zealand that align with your blueprint and flow test calculations.  After products are ordered to your liking, installation follows suit and in less than a month you have a brand-new automated irrigation system for your landscape.

While all this may sound straightforward; it’s important you realize that here at Think Water New Zealand, we’re here to help every step of the way.  Our highly trained technicians and designers are experts at installations, with over 25 years of experience, which will undoubtedly save you time, stress, and money.

One of the most overlooked steps in designing an irrigation system seems to be the design itself. A successful designer can design your system in a way that delivers the maximum amount of water pressure and delivery, in the most ergonomic way possible.  To the avid DIY homeowner, sketching an idea out on paper and then creating a real-life model may seem like a feasible task.  Yet, there are many variations of nozzles needed and available, all of which affect the flow rate of your system. Litres per minute and static PSI water pressureare also fundamental here, as they account for water pressure and availability.  Lastly, getting the correct pump size will contribute to overall water pressure, and there are various options for this item as well.  All these pieces come together to deliver maximum efficiency.

When building your irrigation system; it’s important that the quality of the service and installation you receive, align with the parts being used. We work with two of the most reputable irrigation suppliers in New Zealand to be able to take all the work out of a new install. One of our trusted suppliers, Toro Irrigation continues to be a leading supplier in the industry, and for customer-backed reasons.  Toro offers irrigation necessities that withstand harsh New Zealand weather while simultaneously adopting new, fresh technologies to help customers get the most out of their systems, for less.  

Another one of our trusted suppliers is Water Supply Products.  This company is dedicated to helping the environment and works with farmers and scientists all around the world to promote sustainable agriculture that isn’t wasteful.  Combined, Water Supply Products and Toro Irrigation are two of the most reputable, “worth-the-money” irrigation suppliers you will find here in New Zealand. Customer reviews and their long-standing partnership with Think Water as their distributor, ensure that you get the best sprinkler irrigation system on the market. 

To ensure the best installation of irrigation system supplies, we encourage owners to use the best irrigation system design, supplies and servicing available.  With over 25 years of experience, here at Think Water; we take pride in providing landscape enhancing service that will fuel your lawn, and take the hassle out of it, for years to come.

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