Tips for Choosing a Sprinkler System and Sprinkler Heads for your New Zealand Lawn

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For most people who have never installed a water sprinkler system, simply hooking up a hose to a sprinkler in the middle of a yard may seem like a solution to maintain greenery. However, at a closer look, planning and understanding the components of irrigation are crucial to your lawn receiving the most efficient and zone-focused amounts of water. When choosing a sprinkler system for your New Zealand lawn, we’ll walk you through the components and reputable suppliers needed to complete the most important job of any sprinkler system, maintaining and encouraging the health of your plants.

There are many different sprinkler systems to choose from, but one of the most effective for residential areas is the pop-up sprinkler system. Pop-up sprinklers are the absolute best choice for discretely watering your lawn and reducing overall water usage. With the ability to “pop up” and appear from hidden underground surfaces, as well as requiring less pressure and flow to operate, pop-up sprinklers maintain luscious green landscapes that require little to no maintenance. These types of water delivery systems are designed to spray precisely and with superior efficiency, but to get the most from these systems, here are a few tips:

Understand the size of your lawn

A large lawn will not require the same irrigation system as a smaller one. When choosing a water sprinkler system, the amount of square metres the system will be able to cover is imperative to planning. Certain sprinkler heads can rotate, while others distribute water in a fixed pattern, both affecting the amount of coverage. It’s also important to realise that the more coverage needed, the more sprinkler heads will be utilised and strategically placed throughout your lawn. Lawn sprinkler contractors in New Zealand are trained experts in supplying the least amount of sprinkler heads to deliver customised amounts of water to any sized space.

Understand how much water each zone needs

As mentioned before, understanding the size of your lawn is important. It’s also important to realise that not all parts of your lawn require the same amount of water. Grassier areas or areas with veggie gardens will require more water than others, determining where to place certain sprinkler heads and choosing which kind to deliver the most efficient amount of water. This is imperative because it can be tempting to believe one sprinkler head will satisfy the needs of all of your garden. (The ultimate failure in an irrigation system lies in the inability to properly provide water for your plants.) Expert lawn sprinkler contractors in New Zealand can provide customers with recommendations of litres per hour each specific head can deliver, ensuring that proper water is delivered to individual zones with specific needs.

Know options for sprinkler heads

Understanding the size of your lawn and its specific water needs in different areas prepares you for the variety of lawn sprinkler heads offered. As mentioned, different sprinkler heads offer different spray patterns. This is determined by the size of the nozzle on the sprinkler head, with larger nozzles of course delivering more water. Sprinkler heads range in height, some being ideal for short grassy lawn areas, while others are taller and are ideal for shrubs and elevated plants. Reputable manufacturers of water sprinklers in, are Toro and Nelson Irrigation. These manufacturers supply components for all irrigation needs, from sprinkler heads to rotors and nozzles. Think Water is a preferred distributor of the Toro and Nelson brands. We also stock all the lawn sprinkler components you will need. Be sure to inquire about accessories that could improve your irrigation experiences, such as weather sensors and wifi controllers!

Because there are so many different components that come together to create a successful water sprinkler system for your New Zealand lawn, you want to be sure that you’re following all steps necessary to maintain its overall health. It is very easy to overwater, underwater and ultimately waste water, time, and money if an irrigation system is improperly installed. 

Contact your local lawn sprinkler system contractors in New Zealand at ThinkWater, for any assistance needed in choosing a sprinkler system and sprinkler head for your New Zealand lawn!