Karcher Cleaning Equipment – Working Collaboratively Brings Results

Karcher Call Out Service

The diverse and extensive range of Karcher cleaning equipment can be daunting, especially as a pump and irrigation specialist who sells and services Karcher products. Generally, customers have different demands for cleaning equipment. One size does not fit all…

Fear not, Karcher’s Professional Territory Reps are here to assist Think Water teams with Joint Calls. Benefits of the Karcher/Think Water Joint Call service include:

1. Product knowledge is broader due to relevant experience from both parties.

2. Think Water may be able to assist with other water systems within your business.

3. Think Water can assist you with repairs and servicing of your Karcher machine.

Karcher finds that collaborating with Think Water Members in the form of a Joint Call leads to successful sales in Karcher cleaning equipment and other products. It has been an effective tool to grow not only the Karcher side of the Think Water business but also the overall customer portfolio.

Karcher ride on sweeper

Industrial dairy and seafood producers are a good example of customer portfolio growth as they use HDS hot water units and scrubber driers as cornerstone pieces of equipment for their business. These machines increase hygiene and cleaning outcomes, whilst reducing water consumption. The sale of these products in this market area can also lead to sales and services in pumps and irrigation.

Karcher Cleaning Equipment

Ray Smith from Think Water Marlborough received an inquiry to assist with the selection of a water blaster for the loading bay at a local supermarket. After much discussion and a Joint Call with Karcher, the decision was made to purchase a Scrubber Drier resulting in a $10K sale for the business. This machine helped the supermarket achieve a better result whilst using less water.

Dale Williams from Think Water Southland says “Working with Dave Luff our Kärcher Rep on Joint Calls is a real strength for us. It provides my business with knowledge and assistance with equipment demonstrations.

“Earlier this year together with Kärcher NZ, we exhibited at Southern Field Days in Waimumu Southland, it uncovered opportunities we would not have usually come across.

“The team at Kärcher are always ready to go above and beyond when we present them with an opportunity. Working with them is an integral part of my business and it’s great to supply Karcher sales and repairs to this isolated region of New Zealand.”