Netafim UniRam™ Dripper

Introducing the world’s most advanced dripper technology and market leader Netafim UniRam ™. More than 11 billion UniRam ™ drippers are used worldwide by tens of thousands of satisfied farmers.

UniRam™ drippers are suitable for many different crops including (but not limited to) citrus, apples, avocados, and more. For a dripper with the largest effective filtration area in the industry and offering 100% uniformity of water and nutrients for years to come, there is no substitute for UniRam™.

ANTI SIPHON (AS): Anti-vacuum mechanism prevents suction of dirt into the dripperline, providing the critical protection needed against dripper clogging.

LARGEST FILTRATION AREA: Entire base of the UniRam™ dripper is made of filter inlets, flushing large particles from the dripper, eliminating clogging and maintaining an essential supply of water for uninterrupted operation.

WIDEST FLOW PATH – ULTIMATE CLOG RESISTANCE: Performs, even in conditions with extremely poor water quality. TurboNet™ labyrinth assures wide water passages, large deep and wide cross-section improves clogging resistance.

ROOT INTRUSION BARRIER (XR): Prevents roots from penetrating the dripper mechanism. Ideal for sub-surface irrigation.

With statistics like these, you can’t go past UniRam ™

  • Variety of flow rates: 5 different flow rates (0.7, 1.0, 1.6, 2.3, 3.5 L/H) can address any condition or application
  • Wide range of pipe diameters: 16.0 to 23.0 mm
  • Wall thickness: 1.0 mm – 1.2 mm
  • Pressure compensating range: 0.4-5.0 bar.
  • Superb UV and chemical resistance

Would you like to join the global community of satisfied farmers, talk to your local Think Water store about system design, installation, and maintenance of a complete UniRam™ drip system?