Frost Protection at Evandale Gardens

Europress Frost Protection System Pipeline

In July 2020, Evendale Gardens contacted Think Water Southland to discuss options around frost protection in their Invercargill based plant production nursery.

Evandale Gardens prides itself on quality plants, unsurpassed industry knowledge and much-valued relationships with garden centres throughout New Zealand. Being located in the deep south, Evandale is often subjected to freezing temperatures making climate control imperative in creating an efficient production nursery.

Frost Protection and Greenhouse heating in Invercargill

The plant production nursery had an old coal-fired boiler system with what became a badly corroded galvanized supply pipeline. The supply line had considerable heat loss which also contributed to the inefficient running of the old boiler, especially in the cold winter months.

The need for a more sustainable and efficient glasshouse heating and frost protection system was recognised resulting in a design and installation partnership between Think Water Southland and Waterworks. The system comprised of a new diesel boiler and a network of Europress stainless steel pipework for the flow and return lines.

Europress is a fast, easy, and risk-free piping system manufactured in Europe and distributed in New Zealand by Waterworks. It is suitable for many applications including hot and cold water, potable water, fire sprinklers, compressed air, industrial gases, chemical lines, oil and lubricant lines, vacuum, and glycol. It has been certified by
numerous national and international authorities and is the “No Leak Solution” for the food and beverage, HVAC, commercial and industrial plumbing, industrial processing, wastewater and water treatment, automotive and fire safety industries.

Evandale was impressed by the speed of the installation and by the quality workmanship demonstrated in the project. Being a modular system, the team at Think Water Southland pre-assembled the flow and return lines and in one day had both lines pressed and ready for operation. Both lines have now also been insulated and the system as a whole is running more efficiently.