Reinke Platinum PLUS Certified – Think Water Staff Win Top Training Award

Reinke Pivot

Kane Watts of Think Water Smithton, along with Gareth Whittington and James Lourie of Think Water Canterbury have achieved a significant career milestone after being awarded Reinke’s top international training award – Reinke Platinum PLUS Certified Technician. The award is received by proven leaders in unmatched service and is the most elite technical service recognition award from Reinke.

“Being recognized as a Reinke Platinum PLUS Certified Technician is a remarkable accomplishment.”

Mark Mesloh, vice president of North American sales, Reinke.

The Platinum PLUS Certified Technician Program consists of a series of six technical service training classes and tests. Our Think Water technicians received the prestigious award by scoring more than 90 percent on all six tests.

“We understand how important qualified service technicians are to growers when they make their buying decisions,” added Mesloh. “That’s the focus of our technical service programs, to consistently build on the level of service capabilities of Reinke dealers across the country and further our commitment to the industry.”

Kane, Gareth and James have completed the most extensive technical service training available to Reinke dealers and are to be commended for their hard work.”

Mark Mesloh

Through gaining this qualification the technicians have brought elite skills to the Think Water group, with the ability to undertake skilled diagnostic testing of faulty equipment and make repairs efficiently.

These elite awards show how dedicated Think Water Members are to staff training. With customer satisfaction in mind it is a Think Water group goal to offer our customers the highest quality services possible.