Smart Household Filtration System

In February 2021, a residential customer located in New Plymouth contacted Think Water Taranaki with complaints of taste, colour, and odor in their water. After completing a water quality test on a sample from the home, the Team suggested the installation of a smart household filtration system.

The client requested that the installation be non-intrusive, neat, and tidy, so with this in mind we designed the household filtration system to fit into the existing property. Pipework was blended into the surrounding walls as much as possible resulting in a clean installation.

Davey Microlene Centurion UV Household Water Filter System

The Davey Microlene Centurion Xtra Smart UV System was chosen for the job due to it being a compact all-in-one filter and UV combination system. The unit includes a fail-safe O-ring design, splash-proof controller, and the ability to operate at higher water pressure. Users can expect low maintenance with a 10,000 hour LP lamp and 14-month life span UV lamp and sensors.

These units have a 10-year warranty on the UV reactor and a three-year warranty on the electronic controller. This means your investment will provide a constant supply of top-quality water for the whole house for years to come.

The Team at Think Water Taranaki is highly qualified in the act of water quality testing. They pride themselves on their ability to provide informed solutions for the filtration and treatment of water for residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications.

Our client is happy with the sleek and tidy household filtration system and will talk to Think Water Taranaki when it is time to replace the filters or UV bulb. Think Water Taranaki are available for repairs and servicing when needed.