Puretec Hybrid G Models – Exclusive to Think Water

Think Water is excited to announce its partnership with Puretec for the exclusive sales rights to two models in the Hybrid G Series (Hybrid-G100 & Hybrid-G200). This means these models are only available at Think Water stores.

Hybrid G Series - Exclusive to Think Water

These filtration units are the perfect solution for complete household water filtration of tank water and can be used for mains water. The Hybrid G Series provides filtration and purification leaving your water germ-free and tasting great it even prolongs the life of your household appliances!

As the name suggests the unit uses a hybrid of filtration and purification to deliver good tasting water to every tap outlet in your home. The filtration process starts with washable 20-micron sediment filter that removes silt, sludge, dirt, rust, and other particles. This is followed by a solid one-micron filter to remove fine particles. The final stage utilises RadfireTM which is an advanced UV technology that is eco-friendly and chemical-free to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria.

The unit is fitted with a smart control panel that monitors the lamp life, and total running time of the RadfireTM component. The control panel has an audible and visible failure alarm to ensure you know when maintenance is required. The exclusive deal also includes an extended four year warranty that covers all parts but not consumables.

The unit can be fitted to the exterior of your home using the quick and easy installation mounts. You can rest assured that your investment will remain safe from vandals, children, and the weather thanks to the durable construction and anti-tamper lockable lid. Maintenance is a breeze with no tools required.

Think Water stores throughout New Zealand stock these units and have the experience and knowledge to advise which unit suits your water needs. Talk to your local Think Water store today about sales, installation, and service. Or click here to read more about the Hybrid G Series.